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Yomi-no-kuni (「黄泉の国」?; Yomi-no-kuni; realm of yellow springs) is the underworld in Shintō mythology and land of the dead for both kami and humans alike. The leader of this realm is the goddess of creation Izanami, who took on the role of the goddess of death in her demise.

Yomi exists beneath Nakatsukuni, the middle realm, and is the final of the three worlds in Shintō mythology. Nakatsukuni is also home a a gate that grants passage into this realm. However, one will rapidly notice the lack of light in this world. Yomi is entirely engulfed in a thick darkness, reducing visibility significantly and very much resembling an eternal night in which its inhabitants can sleep. Every day, the goddess of this realm claims 1000 lives to spite her former husband, Izanagi. However, she is still very kind to her denizens, allowing them to rest and relax without fear of seeing what they've become while rotting away in this world.

Unlike the Buddhist hells also noted in much of Japan's religious blend, Yomi noticeably devoid of demonic activity or any form of suffering. Rather, the realm is meant to be a final resting place where inhabitants can slowly return to the earth and assist in the creation of new life.


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