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White Toad
Appearances Ōkamiden
First encountered Five-Story Pagoda
Attack method Contact
Weapon(s) Body
Floral Finisher N/A
The White Toad (「白蟇怪」?; Shiro gama no ke) is a minor demon encountered in Ōkamiden. It is the stronger version of the Red Toad.


The White Toad is similar to the Red Toad, but prefers areas of darkness. As such, they dwell in the enclosed Five-Story Pagoda, where they obstruct Chibiterasu and Nanami's passage. White Toads, unlike Red Toads, may be encountered in the water, both above and under the surface, where they can disrupt Nanami's swimming. They are squat, pale-white toads with a red frill around their neck. When they are on the ground, they will attack if Chibiterasu comes close enough, but they usually only follow set paths while in the water.


White Toads were originally ordinary toads that live in dark areas, but they fell under the possession of demons. Even then, they still remain content in their darkness until one "radiating the spirit of the sun" approaches, causing them to attack.[1]

Bestiary entry

  1. "A toad species that lived in darkness and was possessed by evil.
    They are usually content to dwell in darkness, until they encounter a being
    radiating the spirit of the sun, at which point they attack."


White Toads will quickly defeated by Divine Instruments and offensive Celestial Brush techniques such as Power Slash. While in the water, Divine Instruments will not reach them, and they must therefore be killed using the Celestial Brush.
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