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Appearances Ōkami
User(s) Amaterasu
Granted by Kazegami
Found North Ryoshima Coast (Ōkami)
Yakushi Village (Ōkamiden)
Power(s) Creates tornado(es) around the user.
Upgrade(s) N/A
Whirlwind (「竜巻」?; Tatsumaki; tornado) is a secret Celestial Brush technique in Ōkami and Ōkamiden. The stronger form of Galestorm, this technique is granted by Kazegami.


Whirlwind lets Amaterasu and Chibiterasu create a tornado around them that will blow all their enemies away. Whirlwind can also be used defensively, and also to put off flames with the same usage as Galestorm.


To use Whirlwind, draw three horizontal lines on the Celestial Brush's canvas.


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  • When Whirlwind is used, the kanji 風? (kaze; wind) appears.

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