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Wawku Shrine
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Type Dungeon
Notable inhabitants Itegami
Lechku & Nechku
Enemies Dogu
Great Tengu
Items Blizzard
Stray bead ×3
Sun Fragment
Various treasures and items
Appearances Ōkami
Wawku Shrine (「イリワク神殿」?; Iriwaku shinden) is the penultimate dungeon in Ōkami. Discovered by the Oina long ago, they consider this location as a sacred place[Citation needed]. This is also where Lechku & Nechku used to reside when they were altar statues and after they have awakened.


Wawku Shrine lies mostly in the mountains of Ezofuji and is littered with clockworks and mechanisms. The shrine has ice as its element, with this substance apparent at almost everywhere: icicles, ice columns, ice spheres, pits full of ice crystals, etc. Wawku Shrine also has a defensive systems which consists of cannons, flamethrowers, fragile glass bridges, quickly spinning platforms, and many more. Demons infest this area as the main residents, alongside Lechku and Nechku, both when they were altar statues and when they have awakened.


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Obtained items

Celestial Brush techniques


Stray Beads

  • #97: Buried under the cannon on the left just as Amaterasu enters.
  • #98: On a high alcove on the way back from the Blizzard machine, accessed by freezing a Flame Spider.
  • #99: On an upper ledge near the central elevator shaft, accessed by freezing a Flame Spider


The name Wawku (and its Japanese version Iriwaku) is derived from the Ainu language irwak (「イㇼワㇰ」?) meaning "brother". The Affun Gate takes its name from the Ainu ahun (「アフン」?) meaning "to enter".[1]


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