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Watcher's Cape (1)
Notable inhabitants Watcher
Enemies Blue Cyclops
Items Zodiac Dog Statue (treasure)
Appearances Ōkami
Connecting locations

North Ryoshima Coast
Oni Island (Otohime connecting the locations)

Watcher's Cape (「天望岬」?; Tenbō misaki) is a small area found in Ōkami, being a higher elevation of North Ryoshima Coast


At night Watcher's Cape had offered great views of the starry sky; even the Whirlpool Galaxy, a group of stars that form the shape of a great spiral, was visible from the cape's tip. When Oni Island appeared out at the sea, more demons appeared in the area around the cape, and the skies around the cape grew dull.

In Ōkamiden, due to the large excavation of the Underground Ruins, the cape cannot be accessed, but it can still be observed.


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Obtained itemsEdit


  • Zodiac Dog Statue: In the center of three grass bushes forming a triangle on the main plateau of the cape.


  • It is revealed in Ōkamiden how the staircase from the lower elevation of North Ryoshima Coast lead to the Watcher's Cape was broken. Due to Akuro's bath in the blood of Orochi, the demon had gained its full power, and later, it went on launching dark asteroids all over Nippon. One of the asteroids hit and obliterated the stone staircase of the Watcher's Cape.

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