EDIT: Okay, so this isn't the very first blog on our wiki. You know, it pays to look around every once and awhile. Don't make the same mistake I did. Oh well, achievement earned. =D I thought I had enabled this feature a long time ago, but turns out I didn't, so... here it is again. xP So... how's your day? =D

No, but really. My very first day of college began today. I don't know if it will hamper my time to edit here, but I'll make time... somehow.

Some news as well, I posted an adoption request on Community Central. I may become a bureaucrat. ^^ Good thing, too; this wiki is in dire need of new leadership. There's only so much I can do as a simple rollback/sysop. We may need some other admins around here, too, and the only way to appoint those is from bureaucrats like Soul reaper, who are long gone by now. -_-

And uh... that's all I can write for now. Sorry, not much to talk about on an average day like this. xD Just wanted the achievement and to get some activity around here. :3

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