So as many of you know, Wikia has enabled the ability to give wikis a chance to be featured on the main page. This is a GREAT opportunity to get some traffic around here. Ever since I joined this wiki, I wanted to see it flourish and have a widespread community. Look at the Avatar Wiki for example. Don't you wish we could be just as big? There's fanon writers all over the place, 6,000+ pages of comprehensive information, a newsletter, thousands of contributors, social media, and so much more. We could have the same thing if we put some effort into it. So this is where I challenge you all.

I want to use the promote feature to try getting our wiki to Wikia's front page. It's time we get out of this cloud of obscurity, and you can help! To promote our wiki, we need a captivating headline, a comprehensive and persuasive description about our wiki and why people should check it out and start contributing, and an image that defines our wiki, an image that truly shouts, "ŌKAMI!!!" We need to make this snappy, make it pretty, make it... Ōkami! This is an artistic game, after all; we need to be equally artistic in our promotion. Everyone who edits on this wiki loves this game so much, and I'm sure they want nothing but the best when it comes to a "comprehensive database". I know we can do it. This is where you come in.

Use this blog to share your ideas of how we should set up our promotion. Discuss what you all think should be our headline. Share some masterfully written descriptions of what you think our wiki is about. And, if any of you are masters of Photoshop, show us your artistic talent by posting a picture that truly defines Ōkami. Also, if you have any friends who are fans of Ōkami, get them to share their ideas here as well! Or better yet, get some newer players into the series! Spread the word of the game, this wiki, and this movement! A big series means more interest, which leads to a bigger database here on Ōkami Wikia! A bigger community! This needs to be a collaborative effort. If we work together, we can make this dream a reality. I know all of you want this dream to be a reality. As Ōkami Wikia's newest bureaucrat, I shall speak for everyone when I say that we can make Ōkami Wikia into the biggest Ōkami resource on the web.

When DarkSmasherElite, the founder of our wiki, returned on the 24th of March 2012 after having abandoned the wiki due to its inactivity, he was awed at how much the wiki has grown since he was gone. But I know we can do better. Let's awe him again by turned our wiki into a flourishing community! Better yet, if any of you can contact him in any way, link him to this blog post. Show him that we care. Show him that we truly want this wiki to be as big as it can be.

I have faith that we can do this. I have faith that we can get out of this cloud of obscurity. I have faith that we can make this dream a reality. But in order to do that, we must all work together. Show me just how much you love Ōkami by helping this wiki grow. Can we rise, just like how Amaterasu rose up against Yami? Yes we can, and YOU can help. Godspeed to you all.

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