As some of you might have noticed, I haven't shown myself around for the past week. College started, which should be a no-brainer to most. With all that work piling up, it's going to be hard to find time to set it aside and come back to edit stuff. But as of yesterday, there's now another factor...

I have the guilty pleasure of unnecessarily investing too much time into a single game. If you've read my profile, you would know that I'm a huge fan of the Monster Hunter series, almost as much of a fan as Ōkami, if not just as much. On Monster Hunter Tri alone, which is considered to be the smallest game in the series in terms of content, I've invested over 2000 hours! It's all 'cause of its amazing online experience that added to its replay value, otherwise I would have gotten bored of it long ago.

Freedom Unite Boxart

One of my favorite games of all time just got way better.

Which would have been the case for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for the PSP, which doesn't have its own online mode, only local multiplayer. I didn't mind solo'ing through it, though. It added to the challenge and hardened me into a much better monster hunter than I was in Tri. Still, I always wanted to be able to play in parties. I've met so many people on Tri and made so many friends. And yesterday, that wish became a reality when I finally got XLink Kai working. I've already started making new friends whilst slaying some Rathians and Rathalos. And since Unite is considered the biggest game in the franchise (except for Frontier, obviously), you could imagine how much time I'd spent on its multiplayer...

Now that's not to say I'm going to disappear like the rest of our staff here at Ōkami Wiki. As the last remaining administrator, it is my duty to make sure this place stays in top shape, and of course, I will keep giving my fair share of edits. It's just that with the above variables introduced, it's going to be significantly harder to do so. If I could start giving admin powers so that others could keep an eye on the wiki while I was briefly absent, I totally would. But the folks at Community Central still haven't responded to my adoption request, and the only other people who can grant me bureaucrat rights are our own bureaucrats who haven't showed up in a year or more. -_- You can understand my slight frustration.

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll still be around, don't you worry! But college will be college, and Monster Hunter will always be too. Damn. Addicting.

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