Everyone, all of you have a favorite Divine Instrument Class. What is it? Say what is your favorite class and reason!

Before, I love Glaives, but because of them, I fell into a bottomless pit of poverty. Why? Because Glaives are too powerful, it cannot be used in farming (of course), but it also cannot be used with a Sub-Reflector, as it won't enable the Wailing Mirror ability. Also, back then, I'm not in favor of fighting demons relentlessly, so I just steer clear of Demon Scroll. However, the results of my acts were horrific. I was deep in poverty, having barely 200 Demon Fangs...

But now, things are different. I ditched Glaives and Rosaries (especially the overkilling Rosaries) and loved the ever-greedy Reflectors. Why? Because Reflectors (main) does not have a terrific damage output (actually, I don't really care about this. I can just kill demons with Sub-Reflector Counterattacks. No more). Also, Main Reflectors enable the Wailing Mirror ability, so even if an enemy attack come from any angle, I can still get a Demon Fang (without Wailing Mirror, you can only get Demon Fangs with frontal blocks. However, even frontal blocks cannot ensure the income). So I have Reflectors as both my Main and Sub, and I have mastered my skills of Sub-Reflector Counterattack. I can kill demons with just counterattacks. Also, because of my change of focus, from fleeing like a coward from battle to spending my whole life for exorcising demons, I have discovered the Hidden Strike Glitch and mastered my use of Golden Fury and the Thief's Glove...

So my favorite Divine Instrument class is the Reflector. What's yours? Also, please give a reason for your favorite.

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