Tormented Sufferer

aka 帝国の化学者

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  • Tormented Sufferer

    Everyone, all of you have a favorite Divine Instrument Class. What is it? Say what is your favorite class and reason!

    Before, I love Glaives, but because of them, I fell into a bottomless pit of poverty. Why? Because Glaives are too powerful, it cannot be used in farming (of course), but it also cannot be used with a Sub-Reflector, as it won't enable the Wailing Mirror ability. Also, back then, I'm not in favor of fighting demons relentlessly, so I just steer clear of Demon Scroll. However, the results of my acts were horrific. I was deep in poverty, having barely 200 Demon Fangs...

    But now, things are different. I ditched Glaives and Rosaries (especially the overkilling Rosaries) and loved the ever-greedy Reflectors. Why? Because Reflectors…

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  • Tormented Sufferer

    So know the effect of the String of Beads in Ōkami...and I despise and harbor a burning hatred toward it because of its powers. I am adept at farming, and 10x damage output means an end to my skills and knowledge. It is impossible to keep enemies alive for executing a full farming session, so the amount of Items (Treasures) and Demon Fangs obtained got decreased (even the Hidden Strike Glitch cannot help this), thus my Greed boils with rage and my conscience was utterly and completely erased from existence at such unbelievably demoralizing and unforgivable sins of wasting a full farming session (I'm not exaggerating)...

    The only use for the String of Beads that I found useful is the ability to fully restore ink. I don't use th…

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  • Tormented Sufferer

    So everyone, you know that Ōkami and Ōkamiden have some really epic soundtracks. So what is your favorite ones? Mine are:

    • Kamiki's Sorrowful Tradition--Sorrowful, yet very beautiful...
    • Theme of the Celestials--Sorrowful, yet beautiful and full of hope for a future reigned by the sun...
    • Theme of the Moon Tribe--It is
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