I had a strange dream  about Okamiden, Spyro and a tiny bit about Legend Of Zelda, The dream started with two woman who looked a lot like Camille and Camilla where in what my mind said was Agata forest, when some jellyfush-like thing killed them. Then, there was a strangely metalic area connected to Shinshu Field, which made me question how every location could fit into one another. Next, apprently, Okamiden was about sliding down slidesThen, there were two eels from Super Mario 64, and when I got rid of the wall, they fell in love. At one part, I was floating in an Ice river which had eyes and a mouth as a Zora from Ocarina of Time waiting to get to the top of the ledge. Next, I was hanging off a ledge, and a guy who wanted me to pay him back somehow picked me up. Then me and Nanami were in this bounce house/waterslide area, clumbing up the slide and things, and I think Chibi and Kurow were boarding a ship. Also, Rao appeared in the dream. But what really struck me was the ending. We hade to jump in a water hole, and then a cutscene occured: Kurow wanted to do something on his on his own, but the partners wouldn't let him. Then, Akuro appeared, and all the partners just jumped on him. But, Akuro captured them, and used his power to control them, and we had to fight them, one by one. First, it was Manpuku, who had eyes like Kuni did when he was posessed, albeit orange, and was combined with a Fire Dancer from OoT. But next 2 were NOT okamiden partners: It was a Minecraft-ish looking Catbug, and a person with a Frog Minecraft skin, who wanted us to do more sliding. Yeah.

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