This blog post was created to show the updates for the new projects (it will be updated regularly) - so check this blog post often!


Project improve

A short description of the person. Should contain some of their trends, and/or personality and should include quotes of this character, using the {{quote}} template. This part should use the {{OkamiCharacter}} infobox here.
The known information of this person's history
This should contain their personality
The appearance of the character. Should be at least 2 sentences.
Should have a {{spoiler}} tag here, and a {{spoiler End}} tag here (in the end of section), and should contain what they involve in the story of the games they appear in 
This is if this character appears in both Ōkami and Ōkamiden. This section states what this character has to do in Ōkami with the story
This is if the character appears in both Ōkami and Ōkamiden. This section states what this character has to do with the story in Ōkamiden.
This is optional. If they have any similar characters in Japanese mythology, or is fact they are based on Japanese mythology. Here should cite the sources if you got some for this section of information
Any information that doesn't belong anywhere else in the article goes here.
Here should be the </references> tag. Do not include this section if there is no cites in the article 
==See also==
Should link to the other articles that relate to this character
  • I have created a new phase for this project, Phase V. This phase is working on promoting this wiki to be featured on the main page of Wikia! See this section for more details
  • All pages in the Category:Ōkamiden Characters have the {{project improve ad}} template added to them, so no need to add it there!

Project roundy

  • I have gotten all colored templates (that will be mainly used on the wiki) with rounded corners (with the exception of {{RulesIndex}}, I'm gonna work on that one later, and Infoboxes)
  • I have gotten all templates with rounded corners with the {{project roundy ad}}. All templates created after this should have rounded corners, and should have (between the <noinclude> and </noinclude> tags) {{project roundy ad}}. Please be sure after you make a template with rounded corners to preview before saving. This is so the templates code doesn't get messed up because some templates cannot use {{roundy}} due to their code.

The To-do list for each project

Project improve

  1. Add the {{project improve ad}} to all articles to better advertise the project to get more users participated!
  2. After that, let's get working on Phase III! We gotta make sure theres not as many stub, cleanup, incomplete, and new content articles!
  3. After the whole phase III thing is situated, we're gonna get working on Phase IV! Phase IV we are gonna do the following:
  • Get all images transparent
  • Have summary sections, licensing sections, and correct categories for images, which will hopefully become standard
  • Have some more summary templates (leave that to me)
  • Have some notice templates for images (leave that to me)

Project roundy

  • Make some more {{roundy}} templates, so some more templates can use it (leave this to me) Done! Now, about everything with project roundy has been done! It is now standard for the wikis templates to have rounded corners.

Notes for the projects


Phase IV

  • If you know someone, or can make images transparent, we would love you to help!
  • If you know how to or know someone that can convert any file type to PNG, please feel free to help (mainly JPG file types to convert)!
  • Please note with the converting file type thing, if you are gonna convert some images, then please make sure they are transparent, or you can do both converting, and transparency at the same time (well, I figured people that know how to convert mainly JPG file types to PNG know how to add transparency)!

Phase V

We're gonna try to promote this very wiki to appear on Wikia's main page! Tyrant did make a blog post for this, but no one have even written a comment on it since September! So heres another chance to do so! We need the following for the promotion:

A good, detailed, long description for the wiki. It needs to yell out ŌKAMI! It needs to tell that this is one of the best wikis for Ōkami! It needs to show newer players that this is the best place for Ōkami!

High quality pictures. We are using the welcome picture for the main page, but we also need a few more. If you are an artist, feel free to share your artwork that yells out Ōkami!

If any of you have any other suggestions for the wikis promotion, let me know in the comments! If any of you have some way of contacting DarkSmasherElite, let him know we care about his wiki, let him know we want this to be the best Ōkami resource on the internet! If any of you have your doubts about why we should promote the wiki, take some time to read this: We have a nice bunch of users, but many just make one edit, or just make a few edits, then stop editing on this wiki. We want more users, we want to attract other people to have this wiki have a lot of people reading it. Take an example of the nicer wikis such as the Avatar Wiki, they have over 6,000 pages, many users, a newsletter, and so much more. We want this to be the same for this wiki. We want this to be just as big.

Phase III

  • If you have any suggestions for article style, then don't hesitate! Share what you might think will be a good style for the articles on this blog posts comments!


  • If you have a lot of free time on your hands, then please help us out on getting all articles with {{project improve ad}} (Note: You will probably have to sit there for like, a few hours doing this)!
  • Administrators, if any other of you know how to, please get up some RSS codes to make this wiki completely rounded cornered!


  • If you are a template maker yourself, then don't hesitate with making the rounded corner templates! We especially need rounded corner infoboxes too!


This is the blog post to ask questions about any of the projects. If you have any, then feel free to ask some here! I will get back to you hopefully in the next 24 hours of the time you post your question.

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