Phase V is promoting Ōkami Wikia to appear on Wikia's main page! Tyrant did make a blog post for this already, but no one has written a comment since september! So heres another chance! We need the following for this promotion (Note: This promotion is not happening until all other phases have been situated!):

A good, detailed, long description for the wiki. It needs to be atleast a paragraph long. It needs to shout it that this is one of the best wikis for Ōkami! We need it to attract other users!

A good, high quality pictures. It needs to shout out ŌKAMI! We are using the wikis home welcome picture too, be this needs to be really good. If you are an artist, then don't hesitate on making a picture for this! We would love your pictures!

So, if you have any description suggestions, or pictures, share them in the comments!

Also, in other wiki news, DemonicDemonOfDestiny and I have become the wikis newest admins' too! There has now been a badge policy created because I feel there should be one (this was created because on the Skylanders Wiki, the badges got disabled, and a user got blocked for a 1000 hours because he was abusing the badges and trying to make a 1000 edits just to get one, which broke the wiki).

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