Let's make new years resolutions for our wiki!

You know, yesterday I was thinking about making new years resolutions for our wiki, because its now 2013, and look, our wiki is still going on today, not being abandoned. It's been like 4 years for our wiki since being born. Now here's a few things I'd like our wiki to get done over the year:

Project improve

  1. Get Phase III done and move onto Phase IV!—I mean, Phase III of Project improve is one of the most longest phases considering that we have to improve all articles and we have to make article styles for all of them.
  2. Get Phase IV done and move onto Phase V!
  3. During Phase V, we will be promoting our wiki, then we will be over with Project improve!

Project red link deletion

  1. Get a quarter of the red links off of the wanted pages
  2. Get half of the entries on the wanted pages
  3. Get 3 quarters of the entries off of the wanted pages
  4. Complete this project!

Other stuff

  • Get more staff! We REALLY need more staff here.
  • Make an image repository for our partner wiki's, because it's getting pretty dang annoying having to upload an image when it's on another central wiki (not sure if these can be made, but I'll eventually ask an wikia staff member on the CC if they can be made).
  • Attract more editors!
  • Don't forget about the fanon wiki; seriously guys, you should REALLY pay more attention to that place.
  • Move all articles that have the titles Like This and name it like this.
  • Add high quality walkthroughs of Ōkamiden, as we need some and it's been like 2 years since the game even released.—"high quality" means that the writing style must say "if Chibiterasu" or "Chibiterasu must" instead of saying "you" or "your", etc..

So this is all I got right now, so any suggestions can be made in a comment on this blog post.

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