Roundy table conversion

Please note: We are currently in an conversion to using the Template:Roundy table and its components to make rounded corner tables for articles. Helpers are always welcome replacing the old code on articles for tables for the {{roundy table}} code. The appropriate color templates for the colors of the backgrounds is found here. Please remember to follow those color schemes as if inappropriate colors are used then they will be replaced with the right ones and users who do that will be warned.

Read the message above. We have recently created the template called "roundy table", for articles to have an easy time making rounded corner tables that are completely customizable (with colors too). Please remember to follow the Designs for it I have chosen for certain articles. If not, then it will be corrected and the user who did that will be warned. If you would like to help getting the current articles not using it using it, don't hesitate! (This post was made to show users that we are right now, and since its a pain for one user to do this because there's like 50 articles that need to use this template.)

News & Other Events

Right now, we're under going Project improve, and the users who have been helping for a long time is me and DemonicDemonOfDestiny. It was started by me to improve the wiki in phases, and the current phase right now is Phase III, which is improving the article styles a little bit, and getting rid of those Article stubs, articles with missing information, and those articles needing an cleanup. During this phase, we admins' are also deleting those pages with only the infobox filled in too, as it had no content and there's no point to them existing. They may be recreated if someone actually adds information to it, or else it will be deleted once again.

Messages from the admins'

That 3 month old template {{roundy}} has become so standard for Ōkami Wiki! We've even made different variations of it, and those ones include {{roundybr}} {{roundybl}} {{roundytr}} {{roundytl}} {{roundytop}} and {{roundybottom}}. If you cannot seem to see rounded corners on your browser, please enquirer on my talk page and put what browser you cannot see it on and tell us what template it is and we will try to fix it as soon as possible (NOTE: If you are using internet explorer for your browser, please do not use it any more and use Google Chrome instead, as that horrible browser cannot see rounded corners at all).

We admins' are also cleaning up those useless templates and useless categories for templates, so if a template we find not used anywhere and it has no point then it will be deleted.

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