MediaWiki is better than Wikia in my opinion, because Wikia is more for looks than actual user experience.

Problems with Wikia

  • The banner at the top is still up there when you are not logged in - the problem with that is that readers will be seeing that and see that this information on the wiki was made by an community - this is a place for readers to get information!
  • Wikia's software is based off of MediaWiki!
  • Some HTML codes doesn't work
  • You can't make your own wiki's help pages
  • The wiki's can be synced to another wiki's account
  • The wiki's created are made with the URL , you can't have wiki's that are made on Wikia software separate URL names.
  • Wiki's here can have only one point of view
  • The pages content doesn't extend across the entire page
  • Wikia has social features, such as chat, blogs, and userpages, which some users have abused and used it for social needs rather than for the better meant of the wiki.
  • The interface isn't fully customizable
  • You can't have a blacklist of ads
  • Wikia has an visual editor - my problem with that is that users who have used it all their time on a wiki will know nothing about wikicode when they have to edit in source mode!
    • Due to the visual editor, most users here don't even know how to use a template!
    • Most users here don't know what the {{{1}}} {{{2}}} and on means, about all users on Bulbapedia know it.
  • Admins' can't disable the use of the visual editor on the whole wiki's interface itself - they can only on their preferences
  • There is no options to have only registered users editing - you have to auto confirm lock all pages in order for it to happen
  • Some code for templates doesn't work

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