Well..I know this is kinda a late blog post, but here it is: Introducing: Color templates! These are in my opinion useful, as when we create templates that are colored, we don't want to remember the Hex code for the color don't we? Well, that issue is *kinda* solved! Color templates are made to be used on other templates, simply type in the template code for it like you would for any other, and it will make the color used on that template! Heres an example of how to use it: {{userbox|#{{issun color}}|#{{issun color dark}}|[[File:Clubchloe1signatureicon.png|40px]]|{{color|{{issun color light}}|This an example user box.}}}} will create:

Clubchloe1signatureicon This an example user box.

So..despite these templates on their pages show text you don't want to be there, they have <noinclude> (incase your not a template maker yourself, the <noinclude> tags are used on templates pages to prevent all code and text used after it from being included in pages that use said template) tags on them, so the only thing included in the template is the hex code for the color!

A full list of color templates can be found here.

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