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  • My occupation is Student, and self-made linguist/anthropologist
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  • Chaujiu

    As I'm sure those who've taken a peek under the hood on any given article is aware, we don't use hex codes for too much on this Wikia. Instead, we use a little something called color templates! These were created by former admin, Clubchloe1 as a way to reduce unnecessary memorization for anyone who chooses to edit or start a new page. However, with these templates, there is sometimes a bit of confusion as to where to even find these templates, much less figure out which ones to use. That's what this blog post is going to try to cover today!

    In a majority of cases, adding a color to a project is as simple as filling in the color parameter on an existing template via the Source Editor, which we highly recommend using on this Wikia. However, t…

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