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September 2, 2012
  • I live in The Pokemon White 2 game of this user...
  • I was born on June 30
  • My occupation is Template maker
  • I am a genderless Level 100 Keldeo

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The point of Ōkami Central is to bring two Ōkami related wiki's together: Ōkami Wiki, and Ōkami Fanon. However, Ōkami Fanon was almost long forgotten until I came there and proposed an adoption request. Then another user, Pyrostar said he was editing there a month before me, so we both adopted Ōkami Fanon. Ōkami Fanon is desperately in need of help - it has only 11 regular users, and most of them have not made that many edits. I urge those reading this to edit on Ōkami Fanon - it was almost dead before any users from Ōkami Wiki edited there, and those users were mostly staff of Ōkami Wiki, and the only user who is not a member of Ōkami Wiki was Pyrostar. We cannot have an noble Ōkami Central project dead, and that is why I made this message to all readers.

Clubchloe1, Ōkami Fanon bureaucrat

X logo The below template is colored like this to get in the spirit for the upcoming Pokémon games Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. Y logo
X logo Note that the colors for the below template's text is like this:
  • This color means it is regular text
  • Because I have A LOT of links on my userpage (and I don't wanna change it when its gonna release in like 7 months), the link colors are this
  • Big text colored like this will be headers
Y logo
Clubchloe1signatureiconWelcome to Clubchloe1Keldeo-2 icon

Talk page size:

Its in good health

—My craziness when it comes to my lovely Level 100 Keldeo

Keldeo is NOT based off of MLP, and I can prove it to you. Here's the evidence:
  1. MLP is very very very little known in Japan
  2. The Legendary Musketeers are based off of the Three Musketeers; in the story of the Three Musketeers, there is a young friend of theirs that later joins the Three Musketeers, as with what happened with Keldeo in B2W2.

So please, after you read that do not go off at me saying Keldeo is based off of MLP.

—The facts about Keldeo NOT being based off of MLP

My Keldeo is a special kind of's like it's in the top percentage of Keldeo's.

—My modified version of Joey's quote saying his Rattata is in the top percentage Rattata

If you would like to know why my Keldeo is in the top percentage of Keldeo's, it's simple. Here is the reason why:
  1. IT'S LEVEL 100 BABY!
  2. It has a bold nature, which is AWESOME for what I am using it for (it's awesome because it lowers it's attack but raises defense).
  3. It has Secret Sword for taking care of them damn Chansey's and Blissey's.
Moon clan

I love this image so much! ♥ I don't know why it was deleted, it looks so canon and shows the moon tribes weapons and their mastery of swordsmanship. Everything is just perfect! *


My alternative ego...KeldeoBot.

Cynder pose

Both of these positions for Cynder suck. I don't know why they couldn't use the eye placement for Cynder from the LoS series when it was a closeup. Seriously.

Clubchloe1signatureicon Clubchloe1 The ケルディオTalk  X & Y!Sunburn-icon
←This my current signature. Don't forget it

Hi there, I'm Clubchloe1, but you can call me by my real name, Chloe. I'm an bureaucrat here, and feel free to leave a message on my talk page if you have any questions (I'm generally on the wiki all the time too, its my homepage. And DO NOT BOTHER ME FOR ADMIN STATUS!!! It will not be given to you by request, and I take promotions very seriously, and I will only promote others not by request, only if I think they are worthy. *)! As you can see from my avatar, I love Keldeo the Pokemon and my own Level 100 genderless Keldeo (I mean seriously, Keldeo's so cute ♥ the ordinary forme is adorable and its resolution forme is epic), and I am the top contributor to Ōkami Wiki (what? Don't believe I have the highest edit count? See the best editor page, which that shows users who have the highest edit count here at Ōkami Wiki), and I also edit on other Ōkami Central projects, and I am an bureaucrat at Ōkami Fanon. My primary goal for this wiki for contributing is to of course manage the templates but also make polices and the style of articles clear and easy to understand; but if there is one you just don't understand I'm the go-to girl on this wiki. I have the highest edit count, being 9,123. And as you see from my userpage's templates, I love fiddling with templates, and I have introduced rounded corner templates to this wiki, and I have created most templates, and I have created (including, but not limited to) color templates (to be used on template pages for the parts you insert the hex code color), user tags, code templates, rounded corner templates, link templates, and many more simple easy to make templates. I have also revamped those navigation templates, made this wiki have rounded corners everywhere, made some polices (including the template standards), made some polices better, and even made a detailed template making guide, because well, people ARE gonna ask me how to make some considering I've made most templates. Now hey, some people may question why I edit here so much, and that is because I love Ōkami Wiki and Ōkami Central! What I go on the internet Clubchloe1, its pretty much been always my regular username (my username is this and I will not explain here, however, you can see why here). For those of you wondering how to make a template, well, there's no really way to explain, just copy and paste a templates code, then modify it and preview until it makes what you want. Also, for beginner template makers, please see my basic template makers guide. My page is colored this way because I like Pokemon Dream World and like the colors for it too (Hopefully it won't bother anyone).

Who I am

Clubchloe1dex No. 857 Clubchloe1
Mysterious Pokémon Height:
 Psychic  Rock  Weight:
38.6 lbs.
It is constantly swimming to keep its heart pumping. It will explode with very little stimulus so it's essential to treat it with care.

As a staff member

Clubchloe1 (Active) TalkContributions9,123 edits
Template manager

Joined September 2, 2012
Clubchloe1 is the top contributor to Ōkami Wiki. She has created many many templates. She is an bureaucrat at Ōkami Fanon.

By the way, I made that above template.

Who I am, for real this time

I'm that user who is young to be an bureaucrat here and spends (sometimes) all day at times editing here. Since I love this wiki ever-so-lastingly-much, I've made 9,123 edits here. Yup, over 6,000 edits. I've made my edits for the better meant of the wiki, not for my edit count, and you should do the same too. You'll notice I will be editing in the template namespaces a lot, because well, I happen to find more things when editing in that namespace than any other. I really had before a tough time finding things to do on wikis, and that's why my edit count was so low on other wikis. But now, I find a lot of things to do in the Template: namespace, such as creating new ones I think this wiki can use, aswell as other miscellaneous stuff. I generally check the recent changes often, and will revert edits when needed. I will also block other users if its needed too (only in cases of extreme vandalism or persistent rule breakers/vandals). I have made most of the templates here aswell, and have a lot of creativity when it comes to making templates. My best creations here include navigation templates, color templates, link templates, some of my userpage templates (such as my navigation template), and many many more. You can see my featured templates here. I have started project improve, and redesigned all of the templates here, aswell as I was the user who introduced rounded corner templates to the wiki. For those of you who want to spam/vandalize don't even try. I've got the rollback tool and the ability to block you on this wiki. I manage the templates here, so feel free to ask me any questions of the wiki, including questions about the templates or the projects here! While I edit the mainspace here and there, its mostly to fix some code or add a template. I do have over 700 edits to the mainspace though, so I do edit it mind you. But here's something some people might think about: "HOW DID YOU GET THAT HIGH OF AN EDIT COUNT IN SUCH LITTLE TIME?!" Well, that I must say is because I love editing here, and that I have a lot of free time, note that most of these edits go to the Template: namespace, where its either fixing some code to trying out new ideas for template designs, or just flat out because THIS WIKI IS INCOMPLETE. No seriously, it is, as I'm the only user who has made the templates here, and like all of the notice templates before I came back were either {{stub}} or {{cleanup}} for the templates actually saying an article is incomplete. And it didn't even have reason parameters, and because of that, I made a ground rule when I made the template {{incomplete}} to use it instead of putting {{stub}} on an article that has more than a paragraph of information but is incomplete, and if you know what is incomplete about the article, use the reason parameters I implemented on it. I am also an bureaucrat at Ōkami Fanon, and I became one because I co-adopted the place with another user, Pyrostar, and also have given Demonic admin rights there too (because he's an admin here and he might need the power there too). Please, do not ask me for admin rights there, I will not give it by request, HOWEVER, if a large amount of spam or vandalism is in need of reverting, you may have rollback status if needed. I have also picked out the main color schemes for Ōkami Wiki and Ōkami Fanon; some may wonder where I get these good color schemes, its because I am an artist, and I know what kind of colors would be good to make our partnered wiki's stand out! For example, Ōkami Wiki's primary color schemes are Ōkamiden color light for backgrounds and light colors, and Ōkami color for borders and such, and Ōkami color dark for very dark not very much used colors; Ōkami Fanon's primary color schemes are Ōkami color dark for backgrounds, Ōkami color for some backgrounds and borders, Ōkami color light for an light color that shouldn't be used much to have an dark theme, and The whitest white for text colors (since the theme is going to be dark). I've also done a few things with the staff pages, I made that staff page for Ōkami Wiki (since not all staff here are admins'), and I've also *kinda* rewritten the admins' page (its still a lot rewritten, but it is still under construction), and made separate pages for each staff members levels, and even took my time to make the kinda useless but necessary rollbackers page, and even made an Ōkami Central staff page (since I think all staff members of Ōkami Wiki and Ōkami Fanon should be considered staff at any Ōkami Central wiki). Other stuff I have done is make this template, which an example of its usage is right here:

Clubchloe1 (Active) TalkContributions9,123 edits
Template manager

Joined September 2, 2012

Its a great way to show an staff members bio and other stuff.

Okami wiki youtube channel

Our official YouTube channel *sniff* I'm so proud!

Gen VI/X and Y crap

Hey Chloe, what is your opinions on the new Pokemon games, X and Y?

Well..I gotta say I really like the new starters—when the game comes out, I'm not sure which one to pick! Anyways, the new legendaries look cool, and I plan to get X. And the new Eeveelution is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! Plus, with the graphics being pretty smooth and not as choppy as Gen V, being in 3D and what not it's a game I really look forward to.

What Pokemon that is revealed so far that you plan on using on your team?

That's hard to say the least, being that like 6 Pokemon are revealed so far, but with the currently revealed ones, it would be:

  • Sylveon—How can I not? IT'S SO DAMN CUTE!
  • Xerneas—It's hard to explain why I like this thing..
  • Some starter evolution—Like I said, I can't really decide which one I want, but I'd say the one I would probably use would be Fennekin, but I wanna wait to see the evolutions of all of the starters and their stats before I decide which one to use.


Well..I don't have that much history with the Okami series, but here is it anyways: I first watched Chuggaconroy's LP of Okami, I liked what I saw, so I rented the game. I happened to like it alot, but eventually, like any other game I have rented, I returned, and I still kinda want to play that game again... So I heard of Okamiden, and I heard that I can play it on the DS, so I looked on Ebay for a Celestial Brush DS stylus, I found one, but I didn't have the money to buy it at the time, and sometimes I still wonder if I'll ever find one again...

Okami Wiki stuff

Well, when I first joined, I only made a measly 14 edits and stopped editing here for awhile, then some inspiration came to me I needed to edit there more, so I did, then I first started off by upgrading the wiki to having rounded corners, then I saw the lack of important notice templates here (and other useful ones), so I made them, and I was highly active here too, then after about a week, I asked Tyrant457 (the at-the-tme only active bureaucrat here) if I could be an admin, then I woke up the next morning and saw I had admin rights ^_^ I was so happy! This was the first time I got to be promoted to admin on a wiki other than the one I adopted! And at the same time, a good friend of mine I met on here was promoted to admin too (because he had made over like 1,000 edits, and edited everyday he could). And a few months after that (in about December 2012) I finally made over 4,000 edits, that is one of the highest edit counts here from any user at Okami Wiki, and its my highest edit count I have made on any wiki. On December 28, 2012, I made the highest edit count here (beating Soul reapers, which is like 4,700). Then, on new years day 2013 (Tyrant's birthday!) I made over 5,000 edits. Yet another accomplishment! And to this edits are still never reverted or deleted unless I delete or revert them. Then, on January 9, 2013, Tyrant stepped down from bureaucrat status and gave Demonic and I bureaucrat status! He was an great bureaucrat, and its sad to see him step down from the position; but in return, he left Demonic and I in charge of the wiki!


I first got into the series from a friend who asked if I had any Pokemon to trade (which I didn't even have a Pokemon game to), so I got Black (recommended by the same friend), and I absolutely LOVED it! It was great! Then, after like doing everything there is to do on the game I got Platinum. It was exciting but it didn't just have the same feel I had with Black. Then, for my 11th b-day, I got Soulsilver, a GBA and Emerald. I for some reason didn't play Emerald as much as I should, but in soulsilver how under leveled my Pokemon were, I gave up and played Emerald more. I absolutely LOVED Emerald, and I loved it so much it became my favorite Pokemon game. And finally, when B2W2 released, I got W2 on its release date (North American). Now, with the news of X and Y, I anticipate it a lot, and like I did with W2, I plan to buy it on its release date once again, and since my friend wont be getting Y nor will her brother, I will also be getting Y (I hope) on its release date because I need to get the Pokemon in Y.

How I became an admin here...with a better explanation

I became one because I was just helping this wiki out any way I knew could, and this was making those very useful (just incase) notice templates, as this wiki had very few of them, and I made that good ol' {{incomplete}} during my time as an regular user, and the best parts about it was, 1: it has options to have a section as incomplete 2: it has reason parameters. I have during this time made many many more, including {{split}}, {{rename}}, and many many more. Then, after seeing an very very crippling shortage of staff, I asked Tyrant, and he said yes and I got those rights!

My affiliation with Ōkami Central's wiki's

I am a very important person at Ōkami Fanon and this wiki. I'm a bureaucrat at Ōkami Fanon because I started an adoption request there first. While I try to equally edit on both Ōkami Fanon and this wiki, I edit more here, however, since I've became bureaucrat at Ōkami Fanon, I'm now trying to get up my share of adminship there, by checking and editing there quite often. I am (as stated) an bureaucrat here.

What I do here

If it wasn't for me, this wiki would be a mess (actually, it was before I came back). I have redesigned all of the templates here, and when I became an admin, I now have a job basically, listed here:

  • Makin the wiki fancy with RSS codes!
  • Editing of MediaWiki: pages for more customization
  • Cleaning up them useless pages and those pesky unused files (I immediately started cleaning these up when a realized I had admin rights)
  • Protection of templates, because they shouldn't be messed with
  • Many many other things...

List of notable great things I have done for Ōkami Wiki

Because I feel I need to it is!

  • Introduced rounded corner templates! Done on October 23, 2012
  • Started Project improve! Done on October 24, 2012
  • Got promoted to admin! Done on November 5, 2012
  • Made pages about the individual staff levels and a page about the whole staff! Done on November 28, 2012
  • Created pages about the staff of all of the Ōkami Central wikis! Done on December 12, 2012
  • Got promoted to bureaucrat at Ōkami Fanon! Done on December 19, 2012
  • Got promoted to bureaucrat! Done on January 9, 2013
  • Got rid of the inactive staff and added KeldeoBot to the list of staff! Done on January 9, 2013
  • Renamed all of the infoboxes to the appropriate name (without each first letter of the name's words capitalized I mean its like SOUL REAPER: Follow your damn polices YOU MADE!!!)! Done on January 15, 2013
  • Made over 6,000 edits! Done on January 18, 2013
  • Revamped all of the notice templates to the current standard! Done on January 18, 2013

Did you know..

  • ..that the ads that appear on this page and others were made by me and they are a template?
  • ..that there is a 1 out of 8192 chance of finding a Shiny Pokémon in Gen II games and later?
  • ..that I have a very dark brown for hair?

Some Pokémon teams

Because I really don't wanna update that other page which lists it is!

White 2

One of my BEST teams! With the second most powerful Pokémon in the game, mai Keldeo (I couldn't resist getting it on my White 2 game, after all, it does have its resolute forme which is not available in BW), and many other Pokemon I cherish.

DISCLAIMER: While I try to keep this list updated, it may not be at times, and please do not freak out if it isn't.
Moves: Hydro Pump; Secret Sword; Calm Mind; Surf
White Kyurem-icon
Moves: Fusion Flare; Ice Burn; Dragon Pulse; Fly
Moves: Confuse Ray; Charge; Thunder Wave; Thunderbolt
Moves: Foresight; Aura Sphere; Earth Quake; ExtremeSpeed
Moves: Psychic; Psyshock; Energy Ball; Recover
Moves: Frenzy Plant; Giga Drain; Leech Seed; Growth


These are planned teams for games to be released later this year.

Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity

I really don't know that much about the MD games, so here's my choice of the starter and partner Pokemon (and some other one's which I definitely know I am getting):

Keldeo-2 icon
Moves: ???
Why would I use it?: OBVIOUS
Moves: ???
Why would I use it?: I love the Dragon type, and I've always wanted one as a starter.
Moves: ???
Why would I use it?: BECAUSE IT'S PIKACHU!

Da awesome Pokemon list!

All of these Pokemon are awesome.

Keldeo White Kyurem Salamence
Lapras2 Kyogre
Reshiram Mewtwo Meloetta Cresselia Ampharos Arceus2


These..I don't wanna include up there, so here it is!

Shiny Arceus Shiny White Kyurem Shiny Kyogre
Shiny Latias
Shiny Rayquaza Shiny Origin Giratina
Shiny Palkia
Shiny Dialga
Shiny Regigigas Shiny Meloetta

The Chronicles Of: Battling KeldeoBot on Chat!

Template requests

I can take template requests - you will have to give me the details (i.e. colors, links, design, type, etc.). I take the following for requests:

  • Code templates
  • Code fixes
  • Color templates
  • Navigation templates
  • Infoboxes


  • The color templates you're gonna have to specify the hex codes for its color, the name of it (it HAS to be related to it), and dark and light versions of it (if any).
  • Code fixes you're gonna have to show me what part of a templates code you think if causing a problem - if you don't know, I will try but it will be not guaranteed for me to be able to fix it.

Template making stuff

My user name

Some may wonder where I got my unique User name, well it first started off when I made my first account on Club Penguin (This was when I was about 6 years old), where the "Club" part was diverted from the "Club" part in Club Penguin, and Chloe is my real name, and the "1" part is just there for the heck of it. Then, this user name pretty much became a stable for my user name's, except for my Trainer club account that I use for my Pokemon Dream World account, that is my "parent" account (I was very confused on how to get Dream world to play on it ) I accepted the terms for my parent account, and I logged in with it (not with my Clubchloe1 account), and the rest is self-explanatory for those of you who play Pokemon Dream World.

Clubchloe1 as a Resolute forme Keldeo

Clubchloe1 as a Ordnairy forme Keldeo

Clubchloe1's Shadow forme, which due to it being a glitch, it does not have a sprite.
Real name Chloe
Interests Pokemon, Nintendo, Okami, Spyro, Skylanders, Crash Bandicoot, Dragons, Art, Pokemon Dream World, Skylanders, Keldeo
Favorite Video Game Crash Bandicoot Tag Team Racing
Second favorite game Pokemon Emerald
Favorite game series Pokemon
Types WaterFighting
Real gender Female
Race Keldeo
Generations V, VI
First Pokémon game Black baby

Me as a person

I'm just some geeky girl whos obsessed with video games, and has a passion for Pokemon too. I'm also Autistic too. I like Nintendo games, and I have so far almost every non-special DS console (the ones I'm missing is: Original, DSi XL, and 3DS XL). I'm hopefully gonna one day work for microsoft (I'm one of those people that with the knowledge, I can be a computer programmer). I like the TV show Mythbusters, I watch an episode everyday. But wait? This is an Okami wiki, so heres the Okami stuff: I love the Okami series, the art style is very beautiful, and the music is fantastic (My favorite song in the Okami series is the Ruins upper level music, it is one of my all time favorite songs from any game). I watch Chuggaaconroy, I like his endless amount of rampaging because of video games. I tend to heal my Pokemon when I play the games when they are about to faint, dunno why I do that, but hey, doing that raises friendship anyways. I have a Wii, I can't remember how hard it was live about 4 years without one (Well, I got one when it was near the release date, and I didn't play it as much as I should've, so my parents got rid of it, and I didn't play the Wii for a LOOOONG time, until my parent bought it again with taxes). I play Crash Bandicoot games, they were my first ever video games (but sadly, my favorite and first one is lost, somewhere in my house...), why did Activision ever fire the development team that was making the Crash Bandicoot game in 2010? I would have liked to see a new Crash game more than a Spyro game... I hope that the Pikachu 3DS XL gets released in North America, I want it for Christmas :D


Well..I don't use my admin powers much, but mostly for protecting templates (because templates shouldn't be messed with), deleting pages (a.k.a cleaning up unused files, templates, categories), undoing undesirable edits, and other stuff.

My current projects

Project roundy is my own project, and may one day be joined by other users, to improve to look of this wikis templates by having rounded corners! Use the template {{Roundy}} on certain parts of a templates page to make them have rounded corners! Please note: Preview before saving when making rounded corner templates, and if it does not work, even if you did it right, then do not save the page. An example of where to put the rounded corner template is on this page, just edit the page to see where to put it!
  • Project Color templates - A project of mine to get color templates created on this wiki to be used on other templates*
  • Project improve - A wiki cleanup project started by me to improve the wiki in phases. Also, we are not going to work on Phase V until all other phases are situated.
  • Protecting all Mainspace pages - Demonic and I came with an agreement to protect all mainspace pages to auto confirmed editing because this will solve 90% of all bad edits.
  • Protecting all templates - After all mainspace pages are protected

Templates I've created

These templates do not include the ones for my user page. These are ones to be used outside of the User: and User talk: namespace.

  • To be delete - Dunno why this wasn't created in the first place, but whatever. Note: I made this template because there needs to be a template that states an article is to be deleted
  • Roundy - To be used on other template pages to make rounded corners.
  • Tt - I made this so the wiki can cut down on page length. *
  • Refresh - To be used on categories to purge them.
  • Color - To be used to create colored text easily (This is used heavily on this page).
  • Colorlink - To be used to create linked color text.
  • Color templates - Just linked to the color templates category because I have created many so far.
  • User tags - I linked to the category because I have created many
  • Okami Wiki staff nav - To be used on an admins' user page.
  • Welcome and WelcomeIP - Well, I created these for new welcome templates (since the default message is kinda stale), and I asked DemonicDemonOfDestiny before turning off the auto welcome message, and he said he wanted to turn it off but kept forgetting, so I turned it off, and now give out these messages to new users! *

I have made many other templates, so if you see a colored, rounded corner template, then its made by me!



Umm..if you're wondering who "Amphy" is, its my Ampharos in my Pokemon White 2 game, THAT THING KICKS BUTT!!!!!!


This is one of my random quotes that originates from this page.

One of my most funniest moments when playing Pokemon games:
Ohh.. you're gonna send out your Metagross. Okay then, I WILL SEND OUT MY LEVEL 100 SALAMENCE. EVEN THOUGH YOU RESIST DRAGON, PREPARE TO DIE!!!!

Salamence used Draco Meteor! Its not very effective.. *It survives*


Umm..yeah, thats an example of how much I freak out when something doesn't go my way when playing games XD This is in my opinion so funny that it didn't deserve to be randomized to appear on this page..


At the time I get to Kyurem's cave for the first time in White 2:

  • "Holy god, GHETSIS TRIES TO KILL THE PLAYER CHARACTER!!!! Man, they really tried to make him badass and they did."

From an event in Pokemon White 2. *

  • "Man Cyrus, you had a tough life, but in the end of Team Glactic, you made it seem like for the other members that they joined for no reason, and instead just joined to help you destroy the universe and create a world for yourself..."

From the plot events of Pokemon Platinum.

To do list


Current progress

  • The manual of style I am writing is in work here
  • I have gotten the monobook skin rounded thanks to the help of the staff of Monobook Wiki.

The things people do here that drives me CRAZY

There's some things people do on this wiki that make me crazy, listed here:

  • Putting spaces when using parameters on templates and before section headings because "it helps sight" -_- I mean really, just because "It makes editing when viewing code easier" DOES NOT have ANY EFFECT because PEOPLE ARE HERE TO SEE THE ARTICLES. NOT THE EDITING WINDOW!
  • Editing an page and only adding spaces because "it helps sight" its like JEEZE WHY YOU PEOPLE HAVE TO DO THIS!? There's a TON of better things to do on this wiki than add spaces on pages!

My Favorite Brush Gods


My Favorites numbered Reason
1. Yomigami Though he is the first brush god in the game, Dragons are one of my most favorite mythical creatures
2. Moegami My second favorite brush god, Phoenix's are my second favorite mythical creatures (After Dragons)
3. Nuregami She is cool if you ask me
4. Kasugami How can it get better than a DRUNK SHEEP!!!!!
5. Amaterasu She is the protagonist of Okami, but her brush technique that she can use is not used much in the game
6. Kabegami I like cats and I like her Brush Technique
7. Bakugami He's funny when after you talk with him, then the Piglets set the bomb he was standing on fire, then the brush technique rolls into you
8. Kazegami Not really cool or interesting if you ask me
9. Yumigami Eh, she's okay, but not really interesting compared to the other Brush Gods if you ask me
10. Gekigami I like him because his abilities resembles the Legendary Pokemon Raikou
11. Itegami His brush technique sucks and is not used many times in the game
12. Hanagami I HATE monkeys, and that is why they are my least favorite brush gods


My Favorites numbered Reason
1. Chibiterasu Nothing gets cuter than Chibi!!
2. Michigami's children I like penguins
3. Kyokugami's children I like whales
4. Yomigami's children They're just so cute
5. Nuregami's child Still like them
6. Gekigami's child So dang cute!!
7. Kazegami's child I like horses
8. Tachigami's children They're cute I guess
9. Moegami's child It looks nothing like a bird
10. Bakugami's children They're cute (And I still want a pet pig)
11. Sakigami's child Still hate monkeys
12.Tsutagami's Child I still hate monkeys

Pokedex 3D Pro gallery

Other stuff I have done here


Mai skin


I've made some policies here, which some of them are listed here:

Gallery of nerd stuff

Just some images I took of screen shots from what is funny to nerds :)

Alternative accounts

Yes, I actually do have alternative accounts, and here is a list of them:

  • KeldeoBot - Okami Wiki's own bot account (which I am still trying to find an program for it though). Its going to mainly be used for adding the {{project improve ad}} on articles, aswell I plan to get it to have admin rights to protect pages that aren't.


  • My favorite Pokemon game is Pokemon Emerald Version. Great story, it felt really exciting.
  • Pokemon Emerald is in my opinion one of few third versions of the Pokemon Series that I personally think should be remade, yeah Ruby and Sapphire ones that should be remade too, but Emerald is much more different and is in my opinion better.
  • When I first saw Demonic's edit count, I thought "HOW THE HELL IS HE NOT AN ADMIN?!?!?" (note: That was before he was an admin!)
  • I am not religious, I simply believe that Shigeru Miyamoto is a god
  • I said one time "Miyamoto's my god" ._.
  • I am very familiar with HTML (well, simple ones like <center>, <right>, <nowiki>, <span style="color">, <span class="plainlinks"> etc.).
  • I'm kinda random. *
  • I am Asian (not sure of if I'm Chinese or Vietnamese, I never knew because my moms white, and my real dad is Asian and I've never meet him before and my moms not sure if he is Chinese or Vietnamese).
  • I live in The United States of America, and live in Oregon.
  • (I kinda want to know Japanese)
  • I am autistic, and have aspergers, and ADHD (and very high sensory issues, which is the main reason why I am homeschooled).
  • I only make friends in real life with people who are just like me...
  • My favorite song from the Ōkami series is the upper level ruins music, its one of my most favorite songs in video games.
  • I did not waste one penny when I bought Pokedex 3D Pro on the eshop for $15.
  • I bought Pokedex 3D Pro on its North American release date, which is November 8th.
  • I play Zelda games, but not very much.
  • I play Mario games (of course), not as often though.
  • I also go by the names Chloetyuiop, Clubchloe01, and Chloetyuiop1.
  • I secretly edit on wikis because its boring at home and it entertains me...
  • I have a Shiny Sableye, hate that thing so damn much because I wasted like 18 ultra balls on it -_- (and its a Pokemon I HATE!!).
  • I pronounce Rayquaza Ray-qua-za . I find the official pronunciation stupid.
  • I don't turn edit stats, the badges, or the best editor feature into a competition.
  • My favorite conversations on Bulbapedia is right here:
  • this conversation. The insults to Bulbabot, how Bulbabot blocked a user for 400 years, the fact one of them says in binary "YOU DIE TODAY, TTECHIDNA!", its perfect! You can find a binary translator here.
  • this one, as its fun and filled with people yelling over and over! :)
  • this one, as its SOOOOOOO funny how an admin is yelling at an ignorant pig like that user! :)
  • this one, as his GREAT rant at whoever that person was :)
Now you see the quality of some conversations on Bulbapedia, its just like the one that Demonic linked to on his userpage! :)
  • Apparently, I was "spamming" (I'm assuming it was a range block) on December 19, 2012, and I was able to edit somethings, but I'm glad I had adminship (which means I bypass IP range blocks).
  • Actually, this was a glitch in the server where VegaDark (one of the VSTF) blocked an IP and accidently set it for global block, and it turns out that that IP they blocked was turning everyone else into that IP, and for a short amount of time, no one could edit.
  • I am not editing here for Ōkami, I first came here for Ōkami, but I now only edit here because I like being here. Not that I don't like Ōkami, its just I play an important role here at Ōkami Central's wikis, being an admin here and a bureaucrat at Ōkami Fanon, and being the template manager of Ōkami Central's wikis. So I don't edit here for Ōkami (I actually don't have that much knowledge about Ōkami), but more for the role I play and I like being here.
  • I consider the staff at Ōkami Central's wikis my friends! ♥
  • Believe it or not, I have 2 Keldeo's. How I got the second one is there was a mystery gift event going on for Black and White 2 and there was a Level 50 Keldeo being given out. Being the Keldeo fanatic I am, I had to get it. Now that Keldeo that is Level 50 I use in the Dream World because my older Keldeo saved my ass so many times. And no, I will not trade my other Keldeo. I am ONLY giving it out to a friend if they happen to want it for whatever reason.

All templates used on this page was made by Clubchloe1.
I would really appreciate it if no one copied it and used them without my permission.*

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