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Gender Female
Race Imp
Location Moon Cave (100 years ago)
Appearances Ōkamiden

Umami (「旨美」?; pleasant savory taste), nicknamed Sweet[1], is one of the two cooks who prepare meals for Orochi in Ōkamiden, along with Ajimi, and is also known as one of the best cooks in Nippon[1], though this position was threatened when the human Charity shows potential for surpassing her own cooking skills[1].


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Bestiary entry

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    "Two cooks who prepare meals for Orochi. Their real names are Umami and Aji.
    They were considered to be without peer in the demon world,
    but now their status as master chefs has come under threat from the humans.
    Sweet (Umami) has imbued her dishes with a secret liquid of her own concoction.
    What effect this has on the food it is prepared with is
    unknown as Orochi is the only one who has tasted its culinary goodness."


  • Umami is notable for being the first female Imp revealed in the Ōkami series.

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