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Amaterasu with Tsumagari equipped.
Appearances Ōkami
Type Glaive
Attacks Slashing strikes (main)
Drill lunge (sub; Ōkami only)
Source Orochi
Found Moon Cave
Cost to buy N/A
Hold and release button for charged attacks with Orochi's Glaive.

Ōkami's description

Tsumugari (「都牟刈大刀」?; Tsumugari no tachi) is the first Glaive obtained in both Ōkami and Ōkamiden. It is the reborn form of Nagi's sword Tsukuyomi, which was eaten by Orochi after Susano removed it from its resting place in the Moon Cave.



Upon the defeat of Orochi, Tsumugari is obtained.


Tsumugari is obtained in the Five-Story Pagoda, after Chibiterasu reattaches all the six arms of a Kanon statue on the fourth floor of the dungeon. Doing so, a hidden staircase leading to the lower floor is revealed, alongside a treasure chest with the Divine Instrument.



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