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Nagi moon

Nagi raises Tsukuyomi.

Tsukuyomi (「月呼」?; Tsukuyomi; Moon Summoner) is the legendary sword wielded by the great hero Nagi.


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  • Tsumugari being recovered from Orochi's remains is a reference to how the Blade of Kusanagi was obtained by the Japanese god Susanoo.
  • After the battle with True Orochi, Nagi calls his sword Bokunenjin instead of Tsukuyomi. From the prologue, it can be inferred that the sword was renamed Tsukuyomi after Shiranui's demise, when it was placed inside the Moon Cave to seal Orochi away.
  • Tsukuyomi is supposedly named after Tsukiyomi, the Shinto god of the moon, but it is called Tsukuyomi rather than Tsukiyomi.

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