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Many types of treasures can be found in treasure chests all around Nippon. They have no purpose other than being sold for Yen. Some treasures are of course rarer and more valuable than others, with the rarest treasures being the Zodiac Statues, Gemstone Tassels and Silver Pocket Watches, as there is only one of each per playthrough. All Treasure Chests have a predetermined contents of treasure. However not all Treausre Chests contain treasure, they might hold other things like Stray Beads, Travel Guides, etc.

As well as finding them in Treasure Chests, Treasures can be obtained with the use of the Thief's Glove. However, with repeated use, it will become too powerful and may kill many demons with a single attack, so the hidden strike glitch is recommended.

Another way of obtaining treasures is from reviving Guardian Saplings, for each one revived, Konohana will produce a fruit. When the fruits are cut down, treasures will be yielded.

List of treasures

Name Selling Price Description
Glass Bead ¥1,000 That these beads show no cracks is a testament to the artist's skill.
Dragonfly Bead ¥1,100 Uniquely shaped bead that shines in multiple layers of color.
Wooden Bear ¥1,500 Though carved from wood, it is as fearsome as the real thing.
Coral Fragment ¥1,700 Hunk of coral said to have been brought from the Dragon Palace.
Vase ¥1,900 Vase whose unique beauty will surely outlast any flower.
Incense Burner ¥2,000 Burner specially designed to release only the purest aroma.
Lacquerware Set ¥2,500 Each piece of this Japanese laquerware is said to be unique.
Bull Horn ¥3,000 Decorative accessory wrought from the horn of a bull.
Rat Statue ¥3,300 One of the 13 zodiac treasures. It is posed whimsically.
Bull Statue ¥3,400 One of the 13 zodiac treasures. It looks quite ferocious.
Tiger Statue ¥3,500 One of the 13 zodiac treasures. It looks brave and bold.
Rabbit Statue ¥3,600 One of the 13 zodiac treasures. Its expression is quite alert.
Dragon Statue ¥3,700 One of the 13 zodiac treasures. It boasts a regal appearance.
Snake Statue ¥3,800 One of the 13 zodiac treasures. It is unnervingly realistic.
Horse Statue ¥3,900 One of the 13 zodiac treasures. There is purity in its design.
Sheep Statue ¥4,000 One of the 13 zodiac treasures. Quite ordinary in its depiction.
Monkey Statue ¥4,100 One of the 13 zodiac treasures. Its design is rather adorable.
Rooster Statue ¥4,200 One of the 13 zodiac treasures. Its humorous look elicits smiles.
Dog Statue ¥4,300 One of the 13 zodiac treasures. It looks very loyal and obedient.
Boar Statue ¥4,400 One of the 13 zodiac treasures. It appears to be hungry.
Cat Statue ¥4,500 One of the 13 zodiac treasures. Its design evokes loneliness.
Crystal ¥5,000 Crystallized quartz that emits an enchanting sparkle.
Pearl ¥5,000 Pearl that has grown to a large size due to the water's purity.
Amethyst Tassels ¥6,000 The purple hue encourages amorous and sultry feelings.
Amber Tassels ¥6,500 The valuable amber accent adds a touch of class and sophistication.
Jade Tassels ¥7,000 The addition of jade makes this piece rare and valuable.
Cat's Eye Tassels ¥7,500 The energetic coloring brings with it a lively feeling.
Agate Tassels ¥8,000 The unique properties of agate lend a fashionable touch.
Turquoise Tassels ¥8,500 The bright color evokes a feeling of new beginnings.
Ruby Tassels ¥9,000 Pure red gems lend a dynamic touch to this piece.
Sapphire Tassels ¥9,500 Its pale color encourages a feeling of tranquility.
Emerald Tassels ¥10,000 The deep and rich emerald color lends a feeling of grace.
Kutani Pottery ¥12,000 Dish that is elegant in design and features beautiful etchings.
White Porcelain Pot ¥15,000 Pot made of pseudo-translucent white porcelain.
Etched Glass ¥20,000 For those who value craftsmanship as much as functionality.
Silver Pocket Watch ¥30,000 This ritzy little number displays its own enhanced version of time.


  • The Rabbit Zodiac Statue is the only rare piece of Treasure that can be found twice in one playthrough.

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