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Susano wielding Tohenboku.

O sacred moon of the heavens, come forth and pierce this darkness! Bear witness to the beast's demise upon my trusty sword Tohenboku!


Tohenboku (「居変木」?) is Susano's sword in Ōkami and Ōkamiden. At several points in the first major arc of Ōkami, Amaterasu must use her Power Slash in sync with Susano's attacks with Tohenboku to slash targets and enemies that Susano cannot even destroy on his own. After the Orochi battle, the sword turns to gold and is rennamed Susano Blossom.


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  • "Tohenboku" (「居変木」?) translates to "blockhead" or "oaf", reflecting Susano's personality.
    • "Boku" (「木」?) alone means "wood".

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