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Thundercloud path
Type Island-like cloud mass
Notable inhabitants Thunders
Items Thunderstorm
Issun's Masterpieces
Appearances Ōkamiden
Connecting locations

Ultimate Origin Mirror (warping)

The Thundercloud (「雷雲」?; Rai'un) is a large, spiraling cloud home to the Thunders. It features four changing weather patterns around it and large drums that enable extremely high jumps. It is first accessed after the second visit to the Demon Market, when Kurow found his wings and Galestorm has been learned. The Thundercloud is initially a one tour area, however, it can be reached again once Chibiterasu gains the ability to warp through Origin Mirrors.


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  • All members of the Thunders wear tiger striped clothing, a reference to the Brush God Gekigami. They are also avid fans of music.
    • The Thunders are avid fans of music most likely because in Japanese mythology, it is said the the sound of Thunder comes from the Gods playing music with Thunder Drums.
  • If Chibiterasu revisits this area with Manpuku, the Thunder Clan woman near the rainbow bridge expresses a strong interest in him[Citation needed].

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