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Appearances Ōkami
User(s) Amaterasu
Granted by Gekigami
Found Sei'an City (Aristocratic Quarter) (Ōkami)
Yakushi Village (Ōkamiden)
Power(s) Creates lightning on demand.
Thunderbolt (「雷光」?; Raikō; lightning) is a secret Celestial Brush technique in Ōkami and Ōkamiden. A stronger variation of Thunderbolt, this technique is granted by Gekigami.


Thunderbolt allows Amaterasu and Chibiterasu to summon bolts of lightning without needing a source. The size and damage of the thunderbolt depends on the size of the drawing.


To use Thunderbolt, draw a lightning bolt (ϟ). For best results, the lightning bolt drawn should be sharp and jagged, with the end of the bolt on the desired target. Depends on size of the drawing, 3,6 or 9 Ink Pots may be consumed.


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  • When Thunderbolt is used, the kanji 迅? (jin; swift) appears.

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