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Thunder Lady
Gender Female
Race Thunders (雷神族 Raijin-zoku)
Appearances Ōkamiden

The Thunder Lady is a character in Ōkamiden. Chibiterasu meets her while traveling with Kurow. She is a part of a trio band that play thunderous music atop the Thundercloud, generating lightning to the Moon Tribe Ruins below. Chibiterasu has to beat a small minigame of theirs, "Showing your love for music", by using Power Slash on the musical notes in order to score points and receive the Thunder Drum, which grants invulnerability to lightning, allowing access into the depths of the Moon Tribe Ruins. Later, after the ruin's destruction, she is met in front of the large leftover crater, and by giving her the map to Yakushi Village, she will migrate there, where Chibiterasu can play with her musical minigame again.

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