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Thunder Brew
Type Sake
Source Kushi
Found Calcified Cavern
Thunder Brew (「雷撃酒」?; raigeki-shu) is a kind of sake brewed by Kushi. It is a weaker version of the 8 Purification Sake and could possibly be made from the same holy water of Hitoshio Spring.


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  • At the Kamiki Festival, Karude, Mr. Bamboo, and Nameless Man can be drunk if Waterspout is used on them with the Thunder Brew, which shows how powerful the sake can be. Oddly, there is an electric effect similar to Thunderstorm seen when the sake is taken out of the barrel using Waterspout. Mushi and Kokari can also be struck down by the sake, but they will not get drunk and will instead fall down and then start running around again. This does not work with the barrel of Thunder Brew Mr. Orange, Mrs. Orange and Mushi's Mama are drinking from.

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