• I probably won't get a reply, but I'm going to try anyway.

    I'm playing through the game again and the controls work great. I can dash okay, but once I enter combat, it's almost impossible to use my Divine Instrument. Help?

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    • Hello.
      Please tell me what system are you playing the game on. And I'm no specialist, but please try out the following:

      • Re-check your in-game controller configuration
      • Unplug and replug your controller
      • Change to a different controller of the same console, if you have a spare one.
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    • I'm playing on the Wii. I tried everything you suggested but nothing is working, and now I'm trapped in the dojo because I can't get 4 Winds right.

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    • Then I'm sorry to say that that is the end of my capability. You may want to seek help on more professional forums.

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    • What version of the game are you playing? I know the American release makes more use of motion controls whereas the use of a Divine Instrument is mapped to a button press in the Japanese version. Also, if you know, how old is/are your remote(s) and do you struggle with motion control on other games? A couple of my remotes are no longer compatible with some of the Wii games I own because their ability to detect motion has deteriorated, but purchasing new remotes isn't all that expensive, and for this game, I HIGHLY recommend it.

      Also, even though I know it's been a couple weeks since you posted this, if closing out of the game isn't too big a deal, I'd recommend doing that since 4 Winds took me a while as well for a similar reason. Sometimes it's a matter of swinging the remote just right, and other times it requires a new remote entirely. Regardless, I hope this doesn't hamper your ability to enjoy this game any! Good luck!

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