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The Great Goddess Amaterasu's Revival
107 The Great Goddess Amaterasu's Revival
Album: Ōkami Original Soundtrack
Length: 0:28
Composer: Masami Ueda
Previous song: Yamata-no-Orochi's Revival
Next song: My Theme
The Great Goddess Amaterasu's Revival is the seventh track of the first disc of the Ōkami Original Soundtrack. It is played when Amaterasu is first revived, immediately after Sakuya bestowed the Divine Retribution on her back, as well as when Amaterasu receives the Solar Flare.



The Great Goddess Amaterasu's Revival uses only woodwind (specifically the ryūteki), along with the plucking of koto and some hint of tiny chimes vibrating.


The music starts off with the koto, played melodiously slow with the follow-up of the ryūteki. While the koto and ryūteki is played repeatedly, with a slow tune, slightly high in pitch. The chime sounds can be heard between choruses.

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