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For more details on Takamagahara in Shintoism, please refer to article Takamagahara on Wikipedia.

This article is about the mythical location in Shinto beliefs; for the location in Ōkami, see Celestial Plain.

Takamagahara, also Takaamahara, Taka-no-amahara, Takamanohara or Takama-ga-hara, (「高天原 [たかあまはら、たかのあまはら、たかまのはら、たかまがはら]」?; lit. "High Heaven's Plain" but often translated as "High Plain of Heaven"), is a place in Japanese mythology. In Shinto, Takamagahara is the dwelling place of the Kami. It is believed to be connected to the Earth by the bridge Ama-no uki-hashi (the "Floating Bridge of Heaven"). In Shinto worship, the Kami are invited to leave Takamagahara and enter a shrine or some other purified place. Takamagahara was created spontaneously out of chaos, as well as Earth. Chaos was shaped in the form of an unmeasurable egg. The light particles floated up out of chaos and formed Takamagahara; the heavy particles fell down and created Earth.


The Celestial Plain in Ōkami is based on Takamagahara.

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