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Spirit Globe
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Appearances Ōkami
Type Solar Energy restoration objects
Use Restores a set amount of solar energy.
Source Procured on-site
Found All over Nippon
Humanity's faith made solid. Restores X solar energy units.

—in-game description

Spirit Globes are physical manifestations of humanity's faith. When collected, they can restore a god's vitality. In Amaterasu's case, they restore her Solar Energy. There are three sizes of Spirit Globes: the small version, which restores half a solar unit; the medium version, which restores one solar unit; and the extremely rare large version, which restores three solar units. Spirit Globes can be found in a variety of ways, the most common of which is by breaking various pots and caskets scattered around Nippon. They can also be obtained by digging, by slaying demons, or other various methods.

While Spirit Globes do not appear in Ōkamiden, Rice Balls serve a similar purpose: restoring Chibiterasu's solar energy. One rice ball restores one solar unit, and they can be found in groups of two or three. Rice balls can be obtained with the same methods for Spirit Globes, as well as stringing combos together in battle, which causes them to randomly appear.


  • Early footage of Ōkamiden shows that rice balls were mistakenly called Spirit Globes. This was later corrected before release.

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