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Spirit Extermination
Album: Ōkami Original Soundtrack
Length: 6:01
Composer: Masami Ueda
Previous song: A Monster's Presence
Next song: Battle Assessment (God)
Spirit Extermination is the twenty-second track on disc one of the Ōkami Original Soundtrack. It first plays during the battle between demons after Amaterasu tosses Mr. Orange to safety, and it is the battle music for most non-boss demons.



Spirit Extermination uses a series of musical instruments. Each of their composition could make out as theater background music. They have either nohkan, komabue, yokobue, and shinobue, the fast stringing of the kugo, koto, shamisen and sanshin, the quick beats of the gongs, hyosigi, taiko, shōko and kakko. Some hand claps are used as harmonization, but rather in a beat like the hambone (Juba Dance).


The entire track is composed with a quick, lively and strong harmonization corresponding with each other. The first 6.5 seconds is the shinobue, taiko, and the kakko played together. The stringed instruments' playing is usually escorted by the rowdy beats of the percussions, to create a passionate feeling of combat. While the stringed instruments shows quickness and skillfulness, usually synchronized with the percussion as they would take over the orchestra for a handful of solo. This entire track evokes passion in combat as well as the liveliness of the battlefield. It also arouses one's energy in fighting the numerous dangers ahead.

The first 6.5 seconds of the track (shinobue combination with taiko and kakko) only plays in the first Spirit Extermination track in the game. The rest does not have this certain part played.

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