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Spark Boulder
Appearances Ōkamiden
First encountered North Ryoshima Coast
Attack method Rolling
Weapon(s) Body
Floral Finisher N/A
The Spark Boulder (「雷光石」?; Raikō-seki; lightning stone/stone of lightning flashes[1][2]) is a minor demon encountered in Ōkamiden. It is the Lightning variant of the Death Boulder.


The Spark Boulder first appears in a cave in North Ryoshima Coast, where it must be used (until Chibiterasu obtains Thunderbolt) to open a treasure chest. Its first main appearance is in the largely lightning-themed area Underground Ruins, where it spawns continuously in some areas to obstruct Chibiterasu's progress. It resembles a Death Boulder, but it has a yellowish hue and surrounds itself with stunning lightning when it attacks. Also embedded on its mass are golden engravings representing the power over lightning that it possesses; there is also a golden line that runs around the Spark Boulder's eye, its only body feature, which is white with a crimson pupil and black iris.


The Spark Boulder is stated to punish those who disregard the bounty of their land, but in several records, it is said to also attack others indiscriminately. It attacks its victims with demonic lighting to give them an extreme shock[3].

Bestiary entry


"Humans who no longer appreciate the bounty of the land, will feel
the stormy rage of 1,000 bolts of demonic lightning!
These hunks of electrically charged dried lava will attack
indiscriminately and give their victims the shock of their lives."


The Spark Boulder can be quickly killed with high-powered Divine Instruments such as Glaives and the Providence Crystal or offensive Celestial Brush techniques like Power Slash. They should still be carefully avoided, however, as Chibiterasu's pause after a Divine Instrument attack may leave him open to an attack by another Spark Boulder or another demon.


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