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Seiankyou Nobles' Quarter I
Album: Ōkami Original Soundtrack
Length: 2:05
Composer: Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Previous song: The Insane Water Dragon
Next song: Seiankyou Nobles' Quarter II
Seiankyou Nobles' Quarter I is the twenty-sixth track on disc three of the Ōkami Original Soundtrack. It is the first song in the two-song series of the Sei'an City Aristocratic Quarter and is played back to back with the second song in-game as if they were one. Notably, however, after Amaterasu returns from the past and the Day of Darkness has begun to approach, this is the only soundtrack that will play when Amaterasu revisits this area.

This soundtrack is first played in Sei'an City on the bridge leading to Sei'an's Aristocratic Quarter. It is also the soundtrack when inside Sei'an's Aristocratic Quarter and plays no matter where Amaterasu goes while there, with the exception of the Emperor's Palace.

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