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Scholar Artwork
Gender Female
Race Human
Location Sei'an City (Commoner's Quarter)
Appearances Ōkamiden
Whoa... You're gorgeous... You are SO magically delicious, lady!


The Scholar (「女学者」?; onna gakusha; female scholar[1][2][3]) is the leader of the scholars in Sei'an City to conduct the investigation in the Underground Ruins. She is also Gen's assistant during the investigation and during the build of his time machine. Her real name is never mentioned in Ōkamiden.


The Scholar is quite tall, and described as "magically beautiful" by Kurow[4]. She has a particularly thick and voluminous eyelashes, appears to be fashionized with mascara. She has pinkish tangerine blushes on her cheeks while wearing a pair of round mini-glasses. She has long black hair, stylized in a the common style of many aristocratic women in the olden Japan.

The Scholar's attire is almost similar to Gen's. She wears a orange-colored scroll that seems to be tied to her hair using the gold-colored strap. Her outer kimono (particular an iromuji), which is not tied with any datejime, has a thin red stripe by the white okumi while some lavender and cross red and white diamond shape pattern by the sleeves and the red hemline of the kimono. As her inner shirt, she wears a cyan nagajuban with tangerine hemlines, it is also tied by a orange and yellow datejime which are tied by a red strap with a yellow bead-shaped aglet. Lastly, she wears a typical folded red hakama.


The Scholar is a very responsible person. She is always worried about Gen when he was captured by King Fury. She also feels responsible for leaving him there and desperately needs to save him.

Also, the Scholar is a bit "hard to get" as she doesn't want to tell her name to Kurow until they have their date.


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  • The Scholar is the only main character whose name was never revealed.


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