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Appearances Ōkami
First encountered Sunken Ship
Attack method Tail spin
Weapon(s) Tail
Floral Finisher Thunderstorm
Saburo (「三郎丸」?; Saburōmaru) is a type of demon encountered in Ōkami. It belongs to the Crabs category of demons. During battle, it is always encountered alongside its male counterpart, Jiro.


Saburo is first encountered in the Sunken Ship, in the room with the large pile of bones, alongside Jiro, as always. Saburo is a hermit crab, like Jiro, but its shell is the armored tail of a shark, which is also razor-tipped on the edges that allows Saburo to rapidly swing the tail horizontally in a windmill-like fashion for slashing its opponents. Also, in battle, Saburo will be constantly attempting to dig through the ground of the area, flooding it with water and allows it to reunite with Jiro into the mighty Ichiro, Saburo being the tail of the demonic shark.


Saburo and Jiro were originally a human couple who was prepared for engagement, but their marriage was opposed by both families. Having no other choices to stay together forever, they plunged themselves down to the sea, but their spirits remained and was separated. Now Saburo, filled with sorrow, constantly attempts to dig holes to flood areas with water, in an attempt to be able to reunite with its lost partner Jiro, and stay together forever[1].

Bestiary Entry

  1. "Sad Saburo digs holes to reunite with its partner, Jiro
    It believes that by digging to let water in, the two can be together in the sea.
    Variations on the Saburo legend exist, especially in seaside villages."


Saburo is always encountered alongside Jiro, and since it constantly attempts to dig through the arena's ground to cause a flooding, it should be dealt with first before Jiro. Deal constant damage to the demon will disengage its armor (or by use of offensive Celestial Brush techniques, and in the first encounter, Rao's Prayer Slips), allowing Amaterasu to farm its vulnerable body with Golden Fury and the Thief's Glove (if obtained. The Hidden Strike Glitch is recommended, since Saburo can die easily when its armor is destroyed). Then Amaterasu can bash it to death, using Thunderstorm or Thunderbolt as its Floral Finisher.
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