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Power Slash
Power slash1
User(s) Amaterasu
Dark Chibiterasu
Granted by Tachigami
Found Cave of Nagi (Ōkami and Ōkamiden)
Power(s) Cuts through a variety of objects.
Upgrade(s) Power Slash 2 (Ōkami only)
Power Slash 3 (Ōkami only)
Power Slash (「一閃」?; Issen; brandish) is a very useful Celestial Brush technique obtained in both Ōkami and Ōkamiden. It can be used on a variety of objects, including people. Using it on friendly NPCs will not hurt them, but can produce humorous results. Objects and containers of various sorts will break open when slashed. Demon scrolls can also be stunned when slashed, and even destroyed when powerful enough, allowing Ammy to preemptively evade unnecessary battles or escape from being chased by one. Its projection after painting appears to be a straight forward wave, which can also target many simultaneous targets when the camera is panned correctly enough.

In battle, it is also very useful against enemies, although some later enemies and bosses are heavily resistant or immune to the attack, however it is still useful when used on their weak points. Power Slash can also be used to deflect certain enemies' attacks back at them (such Waka's swords or Cursed Tree fruit).

Power Slash can be upgraded to be more powerful, which allows Amaterasu to cut harder objects like iron or diamonds. It can be upgraded in Divine springs that are in two areas of Nippon. One is found in North Ryoshima Coast and the other is in Kamui. In order for it to be upgraded, Amaterasu must pay the maximum amount of yen in each spring. However, Power Slash can't cut things which are permanently part of the environment, like boulders.
Power slash2

How to use Power Slash.

Shiranui possessed a modified version of Power Slash which allowed her to perform several Power Slashes at once, as seen in the Nechku battle. This version is never made available to Amaterasu in-game.


Upgrades are optional since the game doesn't require them to proceed with the story. However, they are quite useful when the player is in need of additional praise, being that most iron/diamond rocks have clovers hidden in them. This is especially useful when Amaterasu travels back one hundred years ago and goes to the past Shinshu Field. Throughout the field, there are many iron rocks that give a large amount of praise when the clover has bloomed.
Power slash3

Power Slash in action.

Power Slash 2

Power Slash 2 (「一閃二式」?; Issen ni-shiki; Brandishing, second type) is a secret, advanced move that lets Amaterasu cut through iron rock and Ryoshima Coast Demon Scrolls. This secret technique will become unlocked when Amaterasu donates ¥60,000 to the Divine spring on the island near the fisherman in North Ryoshima Coast. When the island is found, Power Slash the boulder with pottery around it, and then enter the hole to find the Divine Spring.

Power Slash 3

Power Slash 3 (「一閃三式」?; Issen san-shiki; Brandishing, third type) is a secret technique that lets Amaterasu cut through diamonds and Ezofuji Demon Scrolls. Power Slash 3 is aqquired by donating ¥360,000 to the Divine Spring in Kamui (Ezofuji). The Divine Spring is located on a ledge just off the trail that leads to Tuskle's house. Power Slash the iron rock and enter the hole to find the spring.


  • When Power Slash is used, the kanji 斬? (zan; slash) appears.
  • With each of Power Slash's upgrades, the Dojo technique Hardhead gains an increase in power parallel to that of the Celestial Brush technique. For example, with Power Slash 3 purchased, Amaterasu can destroy diamond rocks with a headbutt, something she could not do prior to the technique's upgrade.

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