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Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk.

Pillow Talk (「ピロウトーク」?; Piroutōku) is Waka's beam sword concealed in a wooden flute. Waka uses it to battle Amaterasu during their first and second encounters. He uses the sword to strike at Amaterasu or fly around the arena and charge at Amaterasu like a drill. He becomes vulnerable for a few seconds when he finishes his attack. The flute part of the sword is used conjunction with the Serpent Crystal to unseal the barrier to Moon Cave. He also uses it play music during most encounters with Amarterasu. Waka is later seen using the sword in his fight with Yami in the Ark of Yamato. After attacking Yami with no effect, the sword deflects off Yami and falls to the Ark of Yamato's lower level.


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