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Painting God Appearance
114 Painting God Appearance
Album: Ōkami Original Soundtrack
Length: 0:12
Composer: Masami Ueda
Previous song: Constellation Complete
Next song: Talking With The Painting God
Painting God Appearance is the fourteenth track on the first disc of the Ōkami Original Soundtrack. The track plays whenever Amaterasu or Chibiterasu encounters a Celestial Brush god, before talking with them.



The music's instruments is mostly compressed of stringed instruments and woodwind instruments.


The music is rather slow at the start. Then, it speeds up drastically with some ringing and echoing effects. The flutes evoke a stirring of a strange yet benevolent appearance while the echoing and ringing made by the stringed instruments are fast, evoking a feeling of the subject's mysticism.

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