The Board of Bureaucrats (also called Bureaucrats) are the executive users of Ōkami Wiki. Their abilities, including admin privileges, are being able to promote other users to administrator, bureaucrat, and rollback status. They also have the ability to take away another users admin and rollback status, and also a bots status incase the bot is malfunctioning. If one was to be promoted by another bureaucrat to bureaucrat, they will be deemed to go above and beyond being an normal administrator. Most of Ōkami Wiki's bureaucrats gained their status by adoption, however, only three bureaucrats* gained their status a different way.

List of members of the Board of Bureaucrats

Joined September 2, 2012 Inactive

Clubchloe1 (Talk)
Template manager

Find an Active bureaucrat to speak to. If no active bureaucrat can be found, consider finding an active Administrator.

  • Active means they are currently around on the wiki, edits often and checks it often
  • Around means the user is around, but doesn't check back here because they are working on other Ōkami Central projects or they can't edit here often due to something occurring in real life
  • Unknown means it is unknown of the status of the user
  • Probation means they are banned from admin status until otherwise
  • Bot means the user is a bot, and is treated as an automated process. Bots will have a user running the bot, and it will be noted on their userpage that they are a bot, and the user running it.
  • Hiatus means they are not active on the wiki, but will return later
  • Inactive means they are not active anymore and may not for a very long time

Former bureaucrats

Some users have demoted themselves from bureaucrat status because of inactivity, or other reasons. A list of them is right here:

Joined December 4, 2010 Inactive

Tyrant457 (Talk)

Joined April 4, 2012 Active

Tormented Sufferer (Talk)
Content patrol


The users of the Board of Bureaucrats have the following abilities:

  • Make new polices, aswell as delete or modify policy pages
  • Promote other users to admin, rollback, chat mod, and bureaucrat, and take away admin, rollback, chat mod and a bots status incase the bot is malfunctioning
  • Settle editing disputes with administrators
  • Make executive decisions
  • All other abilities that administrators have.

In editing disputes

If there seems to be an editing dispute or an argument happening with an administrator and they cannot seem to stop it, then an bureaucrat has the final say and has the power to stop it.


If an administrator was to put cascading protection on an page, they must ask an bureaucrat first and give an reason as to why it should be protected with these kinds of settings, or the admin may find themselves blocked/having their administrative power revoked for an short time.

Becoming a bureaucrat

For a user to become a bureaucrat they (unless it is a wiki adoption) must be already an administrator, and have been deemed by an bureaucrat to go above and beyond being an normal administrator. Bureaucrat status is only given out if one of the bureaucrats go inactive, and another user who the leaving bureaucrat decides the user of worthy of it.

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