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Mystic Beads
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Appearances Ōkamiden
Type Rosary
Use Whipping attacks
Source Sun Beads (upgraded from)
Found Yakushi Village
The Mystic Beads is the third-tier of the Rosary class of Divine Instruments in Ōkamiden. Used by Chibiterasu, this Divine Instrument is upgraded from the Sun Beads.


The Mystic Beads is a necklace formed of white and purple magatama in pairs, each pair composed of a white bead with a purple dot and a purple one with a white dot, in the obvious shape of yin-yang.


The Mystic Beads is acquired by upgrading the second-tier Rosary Sun Beads at the blacksmith in Yakushi Village, after giving him four Lucky Coins.


  • The Mystic Bead's design is similar to the Exorcism Beads in that the magatama are arranged into pairs, forming a yin-yang shape, though the colors of the Mystic Beads' magatama are more discriminating between to adjacent beads.

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