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My Theme
108 Oira's Theme
Album: Ōkami Original Soundtrack
Length: 1:10
Composer: Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Previous song: The Great Goddess Amaterasu's Revival
Next song: Curse
My Theme is the eighth track on disc one of the Ōkami Original Soundtrack. The track also goes by the names Oira's Theme and Issun's Theme. It is played while in Ponc'tan.



My Theme is a multiple combination of a bamboo-type xylophone with the follow-up of a rubber-band like strumming, sounded comical. A hint of shinobue flute can be heard, high in pitch, but never as loud. Also, a sounds of small echoing drumming can be heard between choruses.


My Theme has a comical air to it. The music is fairly quick, repetitive, but changes pitch in every lines, evocative of one's flighty personality.

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