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Mushi's Mama
Mushi's Mama
Gender Female
Race Human
Location Kamiki Village
Family Mushi (son)
Appearances Ōkami
Thanks to you, my son Mushi's misbehavin' again. Nothin' that a bit of thumpin' won't sort out, though!

—Mushi's Mama

Mushi's Mother (「ムシカイの母」?; Mushikai no haha; Mushikai's mother[1]) is the mother of Mushi and resides in Kamiki Village. She grows turnips, which Mushi and Hayabusa enjoy digging up.


Mushi's mama is usually found near her turnip garden. She is found wearing a blue robe with a brown pot filled with water being carried on her long, black hair. She also is barefooted and adorns a small apron around her waist. She has rosy cheeks, a red nose, pale skin, and is overall, somewhat chubby.


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  • "He's a little rascal, my son. But he's an adorable kid, really. And they say adorable kids need a good thumpin' from time to time!"


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