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Mrs. Orange
Mrs orange
Gender Female
Race Human
Location Kamiki Village
Family Mr. Orange (husband)
Appearances Ōkami
Will the miracles never cease? Maybe I ought to make some Cherry Cakes to offer to the sun. Come back tonight if you want some, too, Snowball. No one makes better Cherry Cakes. They're mouth-watering good!

—Mrs. Orange

Mrs. Orange (「ミカン婆」?; Mikan-baba; tangerine granny[1][2]), is a resident of Kamiki Village. A kind lady, she appreciates help with Amaterasu drying her laundry, and will gratefully make her special cherry cakes in return.


Being the wife of the Village elder, Mr. Orange. Mrs. Orange also has an orange on top of her head. She has short white hair and wears a simple headband around it. Her clothes consist of a simple purple robe and a light yellow sash. She carries a huge basket on her back, which holds her laundry.


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  • "A white wolf! Now that's a rare sight. Did you come down from the mountains just to play with us? Well, you'd better be careful, dear. Lately, some monsters have been attacking the villagers."



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