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Priest of Moon Shrine Mika
Gender Male
Race Human
Location Shinshu Field
Appearances Ōkami
Those mischief-making monsters are the worst! I expect this is their doing. Well, maybe not this time. But they still need to be dealt with. I've already prepared a wanted list for them.


Mika (「ミカヅキ」?; Mikazuki) is a Shinto priest (神主?, kannushi) who lives near the Moon Cave. His only role in the plot is to give Amaterasu his Wanted List. It consists of a number of Red Imps that can be found in Demon Scrolls around Shinshu Field after dark. His reward for defeating them all is Gold Dust.


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  • "You know, you really remind me of the great Shiranui. You look exactly like the sacred statue in Kamiki. Let us pray the great Shiranui is looking over you from on high. I've entrusted the wanted list to you. Good luck!"


  • Mika and Yatsu are the only notable Shinto Priests in Ōkami, their attire is highly similar except for the color and the headgear. As a Shinto Priest themselves, they both wield the Gohei.
    • While Mika's headgear resembles the roof of the Moon Shrine, Yatsu's resembles the windmill on top of Gale Shrine.


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