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For more in-depth look on the character in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, refer to article Amaterasu on Marvel vs. Capcom Wiki

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 box artwork

Boxart of Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.


Boxart of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds and its re-release edition, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, is a cross-over fighting game developed by Capcom and Marvel, which includes many characters from both Capcom's catalogues of games as well as characters from Marvel's many comic series.

Among these characters is Amaterasu. Since Amaterasu is a wolf, and thus, cannot speak, Issun provides speech for her. She was revealed alongside Marvel's Thor, and his homeland, Asgard. In one of the trailers she is in, Capcom's Viewtiful Joe rides on Amaterasu's back, like Susano, Kushi, Rao, etc, have done before.

In combat, Amaterasu has all of her level 1 weapons, the Divine Retribution, Tsumugari, and the Devout Beads. She can switch between them freely, to change some of her attacks, specials, and combos. The weapons keep most of their attributes from Ōkami, but are obviously changed for one reason or another. Amaterasu also has access to her level 5 weapons, depending on what weapon she currently has selected, or what Hyper Combo she performs. For example, the Divine Retribution, if it is equipped, can use the Solar Flare. Depending on which button pressed at the activation, determines what it reflects, and how high it is.

Amaterasu also has many of her Celestial Brush techniques handy to fight with, giving her much more versitility. A simple motion allows usage of the arial-mine, Power Slash, pressing two buttons while airborne allows Amaterasu to slide across the screen on a vine, for her Arial Team Combo, she detonates a Cherry Bomb before switching, and many more.

It may be also wise to note, Amaterasu has fairly low health, around 800,000 HP, while most characters have 850,000 or above. She does not have the lowest amount, either, a few characters, namely Phoenix, have significantly less.

While reading this guide, be aware, the game mislabels Divine Retribution and Tsumugari. They are read as "Solar Flare" and "Thunder Edge" respectively. This guide uses the proper names. Simply substitute "Divine Retribution" with "Solar Flare" and "Tsumugari" with "Thunder Edge".

Another thing to note, by default, the buttons are labelled as such:

  • Xbox 360: X-Light, Y-Medium, B-Hard, A-Special
  • PS3: Square-Light, Triangle-Medium, Circle-Hard, Cross-Special

Amaterasu's BasicsEdit

Amaterasu is a very versitile character to play as, she has lots of techniques, and some of her attacks can be changed depending on what weapon she currently has equipped.

The game has a four-button combat system, Light, Medium, Hard, and Special. Amaterasu's Hard attacks are changed based on her weapon, as are some of her specials. By default, she begins with the Divine Retribution, but can she can freely switch at any time, as long as she's on the ground, standing. To switch, one simply presses Down on the analog stick/directional pad twice, and on the second tap, press an attack button. For example:

  • Divine Retribution : Down-Down-Light
  • Tsumugari : Down-Down-Medium
  • Devout Beads : Down-Down-Hard

The weapons all keep their basic styles from Ōkami, the Divine Retribution keeps its quick attack speed, moderate damage, and moderate range, the Tsumugari has more reach, hits a bit slower, yet does more damage, and the Devout Beads have long range, and hit for minimal damage, multiple times.

Simply tapping the Hard button constantly will not do much good, as Amaterasu will not combo with this. However, one must hold forward, toward their opponent, and the attack must connect, otherwise, Amaterasu's attacks will miss, and depending on which weapon she has, she may have a second or two of cooldown, and with her low health (800,000 HP), one doesn't want to be left open.

Another thing to keep in mind, Amaterasu's Medium attack will make her headbutt toward the opponent, getting her close, and dealing damage, allowing her to chain combos better. Her Light attacks aren't much use, but the option is still there. Sometimes a Light Attack will be enough to keep a combo flowing, though, so keep this in mind too.

Amaterasu's Normal AttacksEdit

Most of Amaterasu's Normal Attacks leave much to be desired, simply tapping the Light Attack button, while stood, or crouched, won't do much damage. Amaterasu simply thrusts her paw forward in somewhat of a weak jab. It isn't useless, but it's not useful very often, in comparison to Standing/Crouching Medium Attack. As mentioned above, Medium sends Amaterasu forward with a headbutt, dealing damage, getting her closer, and setting her up for a combo. Amaterasu's Special button, when grounded, executes a Sub-Reflector counterattack. Pressing Up on the Analog Stick/Directional pad will make her follow her opponent if it strikes.

In the air, her Normal Attacks are, again, not much use. Air-Medium can chain into several attacks, much easier than Air-Light. Light makes her do a quick backflip, while Medium makes her do a one-eighty, kick with both hind legs, then turn around again. Her Air-Special attack makes her flip forward, striking in front of her with her tail, leaving behind a long trail of ink. If this hits during an air combo, it slams opponents back into the ground. Otherwise, it's a simple hit.

Amaterasu's WeaponsEdit

Please note, all of Amaterasu's Weapons are mapped to the Hard Attack button. Anything involving the Divine Retribution, Devout Beads, or Tsumugari, unless using a Special Attack, uses the Hard Attack button.

As mentioned above, Amaterasu has three different playstyles based on which weapon she currently has equipped. With the Divine Retribution, she is a quick, short-ranged, beat down character. Tapping Forward and Hard Attack will start a Reflector Combo, pressing Hard rapidly afterward will make it chain for up to five hits. While crouched, Amaterasu does a simple swipe with her Divine Retribution, knocking enemies off their feet. This attack can be jump-cancelled (jumping immediately after it hits) into a short air combo. In the air, Amaterasu does quick, simple forward swings, like when one attacks with the reflector while airborne in Ōkami. With the Divine Retribution, Amaterasu can perform the Solar Flare special move. See Amaterasu's Special Abilities below.

With the Tsumugari, Amaterasu becomes less of a fast, beatdown character, and more of a heavy hitter. Her Glaive swings are much slower, and harder to chain with the regular combo as one would see in Ōkami, unless Amaterasu's opponent is large, in a corner, or continues to walk/run into her swings. It is very impractical to assume one can simply mash Hard Attack like with the Divine Retribution. Amaterasu's Crouching Glaive swing will, like mentioned above, knock opponents off their feet. While she cannot jump cancel out of this, she can quickly use the Thunder Edge ability, only while the Tsumugari is equipped. See "Amaterasu's Special Abilities" below. In the air, Amaterasu performs a quick, wide swing with the Glaive, covering most of the screen, giving her some protection. While airborne, Amaterasu can perform the "Tsumugari Stab" and "Glaive Chop" abilities. Again, see "Amaterasu's Special Abilities" below. Also note, any non-special attack done by the Glaive can be charged by holding the Hard button.

Finally, the Devout Beads. These do not have any special properties aside from the ones seen in Ōkami, they give Amaterasu a long reach, hit for a lot of damage, but, like the Divine Retribution, can chain together much easier by mashing the Hard Attack button. This is good for keep-away game. In the air, Amaterasu does a quick, forward swing, covering nearly the entire screen with her Rosary. With the Devout Beads equipped, Amaterasu can perform the Cold Star attack. See "Amaterasu's Special Abilities" below.

Amaterasu's Special AbilitiesEdit

With Any Weapon:Edit


Amaterasu can slide across the air, using the Vine brush technique from the Greensprout brothers. By angling the stick/directional pad forward, forward/upward, or forward/downward, and pressing two attack buttons simultaniously, she will do this. It's a bit slow, but it comes out quick, looks like a projectile, and can be cancelled simply by pressing any attack button.

Head ChargeEdit

In the air, during a jump, Amaterasu can charge forward, much like in Ōkami. This is done by doing what is called a "Quarter Circle Forward", and pressing an attack button. A "QCF", as it will henceforth be called, is done by pressing down, and rotating the stick/pad forward, forward being which way Amaterasu is facing. Depending on which attack button is pressed, Amaterasu will go a different direction.

  • QCF + Light : Up-Forward
  • QCF + Medium : Forward
  • QCF + Hard : Down

The "Hard" variant of Head Charge can be used for multiple combos with any weapon type, and thus, is a simple, yet effective move to learn and master. When it hits, the opponent gets launched straight down, and bounces once they hit the floor.

Power SlashEdit

This one is a little trickier, by performing a "Quarter Circle Backward (QCB)", and pressing an attack button, Amaterasu will yawn, and summon a small slip of paper that will begin to slowly flow down. This is basically an arial mine, and will deal damage to an opponent when it strikes. Depending on which button pressed, how close to Amaterasu, and how high it is, changes.

  • QCB + Light : Low to the ground, and further away, about one Amaterasu worth of space.
  • QCB + Medium : The medium of the three, about Amaterasu's height, and about half an Amaterasu worth of space away.
  • QCB + Hard : Up high, about Two Amaterasus worth of height, and directly in front of Amaterasu, almost directly above her.

This also has some combo ability, mostly with the Reflector. Or, Amaterasu can use it in tandem with the Devout Beads to play keep-away, punishing anyone who jumps over her beads and tries to get close.

With the Reflector (Divine Retribution):Edit

Solar FlareEdit

This one is probably the hardest of Amaterasu's abilities to use, as it requires a "Dragon Punch (DP)" motion. Forward, then quickly Down, Down-Forward. This will be a bit harder for new players to get a grasp on, and will require some practice. Depending on which button is pressed, changes how high the Solar Flare is, and what the effect is. Light and Medium, if it is hit by an attack, will make Amaterasu perform a spinning pile-driver, much like in Ōkami when a demon strikes when Amaterasu is using a Sub-Reflector Counterattack. Hard, however, will make the Reflector reflect projectiles. One will know this is done correctly by the green hue, rather than orange. It will not, however, grant Amaterasu a pile-driver if struck. Also note, Solar Flare will not block Hyper Combos of any kind.

  • DP + Light : Normal Height. This will allow Normal and High attacks to hit. If the opponent is too close, behind Amaterasu, or uses a projectile, it will fail.
  • DP + Medium : Low Height. The Solar Flare will be more toward Amaterasu's head, and block low attacks.
  • DP + Hard : Slightly lower than Normal Height, but will reflect non-hyper combo projectiles. Some will fly back to the user, but some will either dissipate, or continue flying past Amaterasu, not harming her. For example, Ryu's Hadouken will be sent back, but Iron Man's unibeam will not.

With Glaive (Tsumugari)Edit

Thunder EdgeEdit

By performing a QCF, and pressing an attack button, Amaterasu will charge up an attack with the Thunder Edge (if the button is held), before shooting a direction depending on which button is pressed (when the attack reaches full charge, or the button is released).

  • QCF + Light : Amaterasu will shove forward, along the ground. This is best used after a Crouching Hard, or a standing hard.
  • QCF + Medium : Amaterasu will fly Up-Forward, and will catch airborne opponents off-guard, if they are not blocking.
  • QCF + Hard : Amaterasu will jump straight up, catching most airborne opponents off-guard, or a quick escape from a low attack. This also makes Amaterasu go backward slightly when used.

Tsumugari StabEdit

When airborne, pressing Down-Forward and Hard Attack at the same time, will make Amaterasu ride the Tsumugari and shoot down and forward quickly. This can stab opponents in the air, knocking them to the ground, or enemies that have fallen on their back. This will also chain into what is known as an "Exchange Cancel" or the next attack, Glaive Chop.

Glaive ChopEdit

Again, whilst airborne, if one were to perform a QCF + Special Button, Amaterasu will go straight down, with Glaive outward, trailing lightning behind the sword, before she slams into the ground. Upon impact, the ground will temporarily be hit by electricity, and will extend slightly farther than the glaive's tip.

With the Rosary (Devout Beads)Edit

Cold StarEdit

While on the Ground, if the player performs a QCF + Attack Button, Amaterasu will summon her Tundra Beads, and fire them, freezing the opponent temporarily. Continually mashing the button will make her fire until she runs out of beads.

  • QCF + Light : Straight Forward, hugging the ground.
  • QCF + Medium : Up-Forward, useful against someone trying to jump into Amaterasu.
  • QCF + Hard : Amaterasu will jump, and fire beads in a down-forward direction. When she first performs, to when she ends the attack, she will be open to attack. Logically, one would want to use this to fend off opponents.

Amaterasu's Hyper CombosEdit

Hyper Combos marked with a * require three bars of meter, as opposed to a single bar. Any Hyper Combos with a # by its name means it can be used while airborne.

Ōkami Shuffle #Edit

By performing a QCF, and pressing two attack buttons, Amaterasu will use Fireburst, Icestorm, and Thunderbolt, in that order, dealing nearly full-screen damage. Fireburst won't quite fill the screen if both combatants are at full distance away from each other, so if they're far enough away that they can guard, Icestorm and Thunderbolt will be blocked as well.

Either way, Amterasu will be airborne after the attack, regardless if she was grounded or not when it was activated. She has a bit of cooldown frames, but if the opponent is far enough away, doesn't have a projectile, and/or doesn't teleport, Amaterasu should be fine. Be wary regardless.

Veil of Mist #Edit

This attack does no damage, instead, it covers the screen in a Purple Mist, and four Kanji symbols, much like Ōkami. However, the kanji will not represent a timer, and slows all enemies, unlke Viewtiful Joe's Viewtiful Godhand. Veil of Mist is done by doing a QCB, and pressing two attack buttons. While this is in effect, Amaterasu, or her allies, will not gain any meter.

Like Ōkami Shuffle, Veil of Mist has a second or so of cooldown, but not as much as Shuffle.

Divine Instruments *Edit

This Level 3 Hyper Combo is performed by using a DP Motion and pressing two attack buttons when Amaterasu has three or more full bars. It initially hits at point blank, and gives Amaterasu invincibility frames until the player has control of Amaterasu again. Amaterasu will perform a Sub-Reflector counterattack with Solar Flare, if it misses, she will return to her Divine Retribution stance. If it hits, the opponent will be shot upwards, and Amaterasu will jump after them, using her Tundra Beads to attack, finishing with a Thunder Edge stab, knocking the opponent on their back. If the combo finishes, Amaterasu will finish with Tsumugari, allowing her to attack with that. This is useful if one wish to change instruments quickly, regardless if it does damage or not, as Amaterasu will not be vulnerable until one regains control.

Assist TypesEdit

These attacks can only be performed while Amaterasu is not the active character, by pressing whatever Assist button she's assigned to. She will be vulnerable to attack until she finishes her move, regardless of what it is. Because of this, most players have her set to Cold Star, where she'll have a lower chance of being hit.

Alpha-Solar FlareEdit

Amaterasu will jump onscreen, and rise her Solar Flare H, reflecting projectiles, before she leaves the screen, regardless of what weapon she has equipped when she leaves play.

Beta-Cold StarEdit

Amaterasu will jump onscreen, reveal her Tundra Beads, then jump and fire the beads down-forward, much like her Cold Star H when she is in play. Once all her beads are fired, she will land, and leave the screen.


Amaterasu will jump onscreen, and yawn, filling 25% of the Hyper Meter, before she leaves play.


Completing multiple matches by Amaterasu will trigger her ending, in which she is seen at Marvel's Savage Land, with Issun complaining about wanting to take a quicker way out. She is seen fighting alongside Ka-Zar, Shana and Zabu against a dinosaur. Both the dialogue in this scene and Amaterasu's moveset imply that her ending takes place some time before she boarded the Ark of Yamato, but after she aquired the Tundra Beads.

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