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Celestial Being Marco
Gender Male
Race Celestials
Location Ark of Yamato
Celestial Plain
Appearances Ōkami
Alas, only my spirit remains in this world. I've been imprisoned here for many years. Perhaps it was my destiny.


Marco (「マルコ」?; Maruko) is one of the remaining spirits of the Celestials in the Ark of Yamato. He is also a merchant who trades both Yen and Demon Fangs and also one of the only two merchants who sells the Tundra Beads.


Marco, like all other Celestials, expresses respect and joy upon Amaterasu's arrival in the Ark of Yamato. He expresses grief when mentioning about the Ark of Yamato genocide, but is also hopeful of Amaterasu's victory, as he wished her good luck just before she departed for the battle against Yami.


Marco has the typical appearance of the Celestials. He has a white toga, lush golden hair, a halo and wings on his head.


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