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In Amaterasu and Chibiterasu's journey, once they had gained access to Agata Forest, they can visit Madame Fawn for foretelling future events. In Ōkami, a prediction is ¥500 each, and it is not necessary for Amaterasu to visit Madame Fawn; while in Ōkamiden, no monetary payment is required, but visits to the fortuneteller are mandatory, and Chibiterasu is also given a mandatory item upon visiting her.


Madame Fawn's predictions foretells a future event that is closest to the time when the prediction is made. They all follow a riddle-like style, with adjacent sentences seemingly having no relations whatsoever, until the event referred to by the prediction is witnessed first-hand. Also, several of the predictions follow a conversational style, directly referring to Amaterasu as "you".


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