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Life Beads
Life Beads
Amaterasu equipped with the Life Beads
Appearances Ōkami
Type Rosary
Attacks Whipping attacks (main)
Dispersed projectile attack (sub)
Source Crimson Helm
Found Gale Shrine
Cost to buy N/A
Rosary that draws upon pure life energy to destroy evil.

—in-game description

The Life Beads (「生玉」?; Ikutama) is the second Divine Instrument of the Rosary class Amaterasu finds.


The Life Beads is a necklace composed of six holy magatama beads. Each bead is teardrop-shaped, with a bladed edge and a prolonged, tipped section. The beads have a polished crimson sheen to them, and on the face of each, intricate engravings are present, around a central hole. The six magatama encircles into a complete necklace and spirals around Amaterasu's neck in use.



The Life Beads performs the basic Rosary whipping attack with a wide range, superior to any other Divine Instrument classes. An enemy will be rapidly and repeatedly struck, should the attack connects. Each individual strike of the multi-hit assault in one swipe only deals a minimal amount of damage, but because of the Life Beads' extremely fast attack rate, the damage stacks up very quickly, up to the point of easily overkilling a demon within seconds, making the Life Beads an ideal assault weapon. The original whipping combo has four swipes, but this can be further extended by learning the techniques Spirit Storm and Spirit Armageddon, which will increase the amount of swipes to six and eight, respectively. In the air, when used, Amaterasu will perform a somersaulting spin while the Life Beads is extended to its full length, creating a whipping arc of great range.


The Life Beads attacks with a disperse-fire projectile attack, like a shotgun. The Rosary will fire out all of its beads in a dispersed pattern, hitting multiple targets at once. This is especially lethal if used at close, in which a demon will be hit by all six beads, dealing a tremendous amount of damage. The only downside to this is that the beads will take longer to regenerate to be fired again, much longer that that of rapid-fire Rosaries. In the air, this attack is superior to the single rapid-fire beads of certain Rosaries, as when airborne, the rapid-fire can only fire one bead at a time, with a second-long interval between shots. On the other hand, the Life Beads fires all of its beads, forming a perfect aerial assault to demons unfortunate enough to be below Amaterasu. The damage output of both the main and sub attacks of the Life Beads can be increased by learning the Bead String technique, which will grant a damage boost to both the main and sub Rosaries, while reducing the regenerating time of the sub fire.


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  • Since the more powerful Infinity Judge Reflector is available before the Life Beads, the latter is outclassed very quickly. However, it is quite useful as a powerful sub-weapon.

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